Inside Space Center Houston

level9_newmc_thumb-300x300If you know nothing else about Houston, it’s likely you know that it’s home to Mission Control for NASA’s space program and the training center for astronauts.  Located here in 1961, NASA continues to be an important part of what goes on in Houston.

In 1992, Space Center Houston opened and has become one of the leading attractions in the city hosting more than 1,000,000 visitors each year.  I had not visited in some time and thought it time to go.  What an absolutely fascinating place it is.

IMG_20170327_133734Exhibited there are spacecraft flown on three missions, Mercury 9, Gemini 5 and Apollo 17.  As I looked at the early capsules, I had a whole new appreciation for the early astronauts who were confined to very small spaces.  Having a tendency toward claustrophobia, I couldn’t begin to imagine myself shut in for more than a few minutes!

IMG_20170327_133836Nor could I imagine floating in space tethered to a capsule.  I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen in case of separation.

00000IMG_00000_BURST20170327133709_COVERAnyone around in 1969 remembers man’s first landing on the moon and Neil Armstrong’s defining the experience as one  small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.  It gives me chills just to remember the moment.

IMG_20170327_133920Displayed are the Lunar Rover and many artifacts associated with moon landings.

IMG_20170327_135236Especially fascinating are the mockups for the space station.

IMG_20170327_135202The fact that it is home for months means it has to have conveniences that would allow the travelers to maintain a life as normal as possible.

IMG_20170327_135036Floating weightless is yet another concept I can’t imagine.

Mars is the next big challenge for NASA, and there is a fascinating virtual reality presentation that allows visitors to experience the landscape.  It is expected to take around seven months to get there and it’s not a turn around since return depends on the astronomical position of the earth and Mars.  I was fascinated to read that some experimental gardening will take place while astronauts wait for the return trip.  Can you imagine eating strawberries cultivated on Mars?

This is a bird’s eye view of what is on view at Space Center Houston which is well worth a look should you visit here.  As time passes I plan to show you some other venues that make Houston a most interesting place.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

12 thoughts on “Inside Space Center Houston

  1. Thanks for the tour! And no, cannot imagine eating the harvest of strawberries on Mars! Amazing!

  2. Space travel and submarines make me uneasy. Hats off to the men and women who have what it takes for space travel!

    1. You and I share a similar uneasiness which makes me appreciate the folks who take it on.

  3. Thank you for taking us to the exhibits Linda, so fascinating…I cannot imagine the courage and mental strength it would take to be an astronaut!

    1. Jenna, you have expressed my thought. I have great admiration for those who choose that path.

  4. I will need to add this as a place to visit when I come to see our daughter at TMC. You might want to change the typo as the first landing on the moon was July 20, 1969.

    1. Thanks Ray, I missed that. When you visit, touch base.

      1. Looks like we will be there for a week in July, but you’ll be in ME then, more than likely😖

      2. You’re right. Perhaps another time.

  5. The space program is still intriguing, Linda! Huntsville Space and Rocket is only an hour and a half from me! I went when our son was in third grade with his class. This makes me think I need to return, after all that was 24 years ago!

    1. I haven’t been to Huntsville in a long time. If the exhibits are updated there, it would be worth another visit.

  6. I worked for NASA in mission support before, during and after the lunar landing but have not visited the attractions that are there now. It was an exciting time of my life and one I carry with me to this day. Thanks for the peek into todays space program!

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