dirt road winterEach year during the holidays we return to Maine for a taste of winter.  A few days is generally enough to tell us we are happy not to have to endure more.   There is something good to be said about winter in Houston.

The schooners that sail Penobscot Bay all summer were bound in shrink wrap to protect them from winter weather.

IMG_0080Some brave soul had braved the cold long enough to shimmy up the mast to top it with a tree.

IMG_0092The schooner was not the only thing to sport a tree.  So did the fuel dock at Rockport Marine where we fill Pipe Dreams with diesel to keep her running on our summer boating adventures.

IMG_0097It was so cold that the harbor was partially frozen, a sight not often seen.

IMG_0103The ice locked in place the few lobster boats that remained in the water.

Rockport Harbor - sea smoke 188 MASTERWith the temperatures well below freezing,  sea smoke floated across the water, a sight full of mystery and beauty.

IMG_0090Snow made the landscape a winter wonderland.

IMG_0083With their wooly coats, sheep seemed able to  bear the cold but they stayed close to the barn since the snow in the pasture was too deep for them to frolic

IMG_0110Yes, these are visions of winter, but this holiday was foiled by an Arctic blast with temperatures so cold outside as to be almost unbearable for more than a few minutes.  To make matters worse, the heat in our house was not working properly meaning that we stayed bundled up and spent most of our time in front of the fireplace.  We stood it for two days before the hubby decided he’d had enough of 40 degree temps in the house.  Though weather foiled our stay, it was long enough to capture some of the season’s magic and gave us yet another memory of the time we spend in Maine.

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21 thoughts on “Foiled!

  1. Maine is truly a most beautiful place in all seasons….however, I can see why you “had enough” with dealing with the 40 degree temps in the house….our heat went our for 24 hours and when it came back on the thermostat read 61 degrees…and it was cold…cannot imagine it being in the 40’s!! So many gorgeous photos Linda!!!!

    1. A little cold goes a long way!

  2. Amazing photos. I couldn’t handle the 40 degrees in the house either! It’s pretty cold in Houston now also but at least your heater works.

  3. I’m no lover of cold weather, but your photos are wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing at, and happy new year to you!

  4. It has been an unusually long streak of below 10 temperatures here in Buffalo as well which put a damper on the Christmas break for the kids. Even winter lovers like us can only take the cold in short spurts on the snowmobiles or ice skating on the pond. Your pictures are beautiful as always.

    1. We did get in a little sledding before we decided to leave the cold behind. Minus 13 without ample heat got a little tough. Though not as cold, Houston is pretty chill today. Tina, I wish you and yours the best in this new year.

  5. It is so pretty to look at but I don’t miss the cold of New England winters.

  6. I am a wee bit jealous of any snow as we hardly ever get it here in Nashville, although frigid weather has finally gotten here…bright and sunny and cold….Happy New Year my blogging friend.

  7. Such great photos of winter days in Maine, Linda. I LOVE your new blog design. The large pictures are so lovely.

  8. Great pictures, thanks for sharing them. Sorry about the heat issue.

  9. Brrr… It sure makes for beautiful photos if you can endure the cold to take them!

    1. Yikes, I know you were wondering what you were thinking! Love the trees on top of the mast and fuel dock! I can’t imagine enduring a winter full of snow and cold! Happy New Year Linda!

  10. Beautiful!!! I always say I want to live in Maine…and my husband always suggests we spend some time there in the winter first. I see his point!! However, it is the most beautiful place on earth! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Your photos are stunning, Linda! But I couldn’t handle the 40 degrees in the house! Happy New Year!

  12. How do the Mainers survive the long winters? Makes me shiver just thinking about it!!! You got some beautiful pictures and a renewed appreciation for winters in Houston, though! Have a great New Year!!!!

  13. Japan is New Year ‘s Eve today.
    Last year was a great year for you, and I know you’ll have an even better one this year.

  14. So beautiful! No snow in Hungary yet but I miss it, i don’t mind the freezing temperatures for a few days when all looks so amazing frozen.

  15. You’d better believe it. Lovelyl, but ohhh… such a challenge. As someone who lived in NY/Ct for almost 40 years, I do miss the landscapes of fall and winter, but not the challenges of daily living. Beautiful photographs.

  16. I guess you made the best of it, but yes 40 degrees was a bit nippy for indoors! You got some beautiful photos for your efforts!

    1. I was willing to tough it out, but I lost the battle!

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