Lessons Learned

It’s been a while since I experienced teenage girls opening gifts, and it was both a treat and a lesson.

It’s not just the items that were important, it’s the brand names that identify them. I have to admit to being pretty clueless when it came to makeup because I buy most of mine at the drug store. I suspect that’s not very cool!

I was amazed by how much the girls knew about what’s hot, applying makeup perfectly, assembling a just right wardrobe or achieving the latest look in hairstyles. So, how does one learn about all the right stuff? By watching U Tube I’m told. I’m not going to tell them, but I’m thinking it might benefit me to watch more U Tube! Maybe there are useful tidbits for us past middle agers, too.

Realizing that I was pretty illiterate, the girls took it upon themselves to educate me about the importance of each thing, from scrunchies to shoes, they opened.

While I’m probably past the stage for most of what appeals to teen girls, there was one thing that caught my eye. I did sneak a peek at the book of suggestions for becoming Instagram famous just to see what helpful hints were there. Isn’t it amazing that there’s a book for everything?

I have to say that Christmas appears to be a lot more fun for kids than for adults who have no idea what’s hot and go for the more practical or nothing at all when there is little left to wish for. Maybe we need a little silly putty to put such smiles on our faces!

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19 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. I think of YOU as a design and lifestyle connoisseur worth admiring and emulating. Strange to think one would need to go to youtube rather than to talk to the person in front of you to learn what is really special in life.

  2. I learned recently that there is a world of fashion help out there for our age woman. U-tube has a world of information on how to style your hair, make up and fashion tips. I was amazed.

  3. I would love to be your grandchild, Linda. I’ll bet those girls were so excited to open up those special presents. You are such a fun loving person, my friend.

  4. I’m a teen, and all though yes most of this is true not everyone of us care about brands so much. I care about how I enjoy doing the makeup, not who made the brand or how much it costs, I for one love getting second hand eyeshadow pallets from my sister and trying to make something unique out of it☺️

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