Coming Home

It was good news to hear that our daughter who lives away from Houston would be coming home to spend a few days with us before Christmas.  The last few months have not been easy for her, so my thought was to make her visit as warm and cozy as could be.

With its red walls, her old room is an easy one to make look season friendly.  A winter throw is tossed on the bed and Santa will watch over her.

Like so many other things I have, Santa has been around for a long time and has a wonderful memory attached.  I had gone to Oklahoma with a friend.  On the return to Houston we made a journey of several hours stretch into the night by stopping at any and every place that looked of interest.  If you guess that Santa came from one of those stops, you’d be right!

A few more little touches and the room is ready.  Greenery and berries add touches of color among the birdhouses.  

These two are part of my rather large collection but are too big to be displayed with the rest.  

That’s OK because they are right at home sitting on a quilt, one of many made by my grandmother.

Speaking of quilts, so many made by different family members have ended up with me.  Like with other textiles, I can’t bear to leave them wrapped in a closet and find ways to have them out.  Somehow I feel they are a significant part of my heritage.

Getting back to preparing the room, there is a present or two left on the bed in the hope there is something there that will brighten the daughter’s day.

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22 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. The room is exactly what you wanted. So warm and inviting

  2. The room feels like a warm hug. I know she will enjoy her time with you.

  3. Wonderful preparations for your daughter.

  4. What a cozy warm welcoming room, the old toys and churches look so cute perched on the treasured quilts~ blessings to your daughter…

  5. Linda, I know your daughter will enjoy the comfort and peace in her old room, that you have prepared for her! It is beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. The room looks great. I hope you enjoy your time together. Family time is precious time. 🙂

    1. Precious indeed, and we cherish whatever time is granted.


  8. Love your quilts! Happy Christmas!

  9. Your daughter’s Christmas will surely be brighter with all the lovely things that will surround her, including her amazing mother!

  10. I know that she will feel the warm comfort and thoughts along with the love. My thoughts are with her and sending her energy to get through this time in her life. Enjoy your time with her.

    1. Thank you, Susan, for your good thoughts. They are much needed.

  11. How sweet! I am sure your daughter will remember her visit for a long time!

    1. There seems to be no end to what we do for our children.

  12. Hope all is well with her & you have a wonderful visit.

  13. Lovely quilts. What treasures!

  14. What a wonderful Mom you are❤️❤️

  15. My grandmother’s quilts make appearances at Christmas as well! So comforting . The birdhouses make a beautiful village.

  16. There is no better medicine than coming home to Mom’s, especially when the room looks like this. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday together.

  17. Such a cozy spot!

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