What’s Old is New….Again

IMG_0081My gift to friends during the holidays is having them to dinner which, of course, gives great excuse for setting the table.  Now if you’ve seen any of the recent blogs you know that a first part of decorating for me is creating a centerpiece that stays in place until the season is over.  It’s nothing fancy, just something easy around which to work.

This time I’m getting out my favorite Christmas dishes which like the other things on the table are just slightly off from the traditional reds and greens.


From there, the table comes together easily.  Napkins are in rings depicting a bell, Christmas tree, stocking and sled.  These were an after Christmas purchase at 75% off, a very good deal!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen, it’s adding the fun flatware that I found a couple of years ago at Ross.  I’ve kept my eye open ever since without finding any more.

Thinking the table was finished, I went about my business humming happy Christmas tunes.  

When I walked past the table a while later I noticed something was missing.  Do you see it?

Yes, it’s the glasses and, of course, the ones that have to be added are those used only this time of year.

There’s not a thing new on this table.  In fact, some of it is years old, but used in a different way everything seems new again.

If you who have been such loyal followers were here, I’d like to have you for dinner, too.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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8 thoughts on “What’s Old is New….Again

  1. I am all about using what I have had for years in new ways! You do it perfectly. There is no better gift than preparing a meal and inviting friends to share with. I only wish I lived close-by,

  2. Now that would be an extraordinary gift to be able to sit at your table. How nice that you gift your friends in this way. Love the setting!

    1. Thank you, Ellen. Friends just left and what a wonderful evening we had. It would have been a pleasure to have you here as well.

  3. Love the shade of green! Using things that you have had for a long time makes for wonderful memories. Having friends for dinner is a wonderful idea. We missed a dinner party Tuesday night with some of our friends because we have both been sick. Thanks for sharing with Creating Christmas.

  4. Something old is always the best…I see those wonderful trees that I have so loved in the past…There cannot be a better gift than to welcome friends to gather in your home for a great meal by you!….and then there is always the fun too! Have a Very Merry Weekend Linda!!!

    1. Shirley, I’d very much like to have you and Tommy for dinner.

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