Keeping It Simple

I like the holidays as much as anyone, but for the last several years I’ve enjoyed keeping the associated decor simple. From my still sizeable array of Christmas goodies, something different is brought out each year, and I delight in choosing what to feature. This time the focus is on nativities which are among my favorite things.

Our mantel is barely more than an architectural detail, but it proved to be just right for arranging a good part of the collection.

As each one went to its place, I took a moment to recall its story.

In the days when I participated in holiday shows I always had my eye open for a new nativity to add to a growing collection so many of them came from other vendors.

I particularly liked finding sets from another country that likely had been handmade.

This was the very first nativity I bought so it is years old. I laughed at the chewed wooden legs remembering our first dog. What a character he was and he left behind much evidence of his presence!

Flat surfaces are not abundant in our house, but there are enough to have a nativity on every one.

As each one came out of its box, I began to see a common thread.

Most are handmade and tend toward folk art.

The last to find a place is my favorite. I found these pieces a couple of years ago when we took a boat trip from Maine to Nova Scotia. I was blown away by their detail and the wonderful use of color. No matter where or how the set is displayed, it tells a wonderful story and I am so grateful to the hands that created it.

So there you have most of my holiday decorating and by keeping it simple, each and every one of these nativities invites a look.

I so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

18 thoughts on “Keeping It Simple

  1. I love each and everyone of them. That last one is really special. I asked a friend to crochet a nativity for our granddaughter. I hope it turns out well. I went from one wee wooden set to a variety of sets in different materials.

  2. You have so many unique nativity sets Linda, they are all so beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Jenna. It is the one thing for which I am willing to add should I find one that is irresistible.

  3. I love your collection of nativity sets. I know each one has a special meaning to you.

    1. How right you are and it’s the story that makes each one so special.

  4. That’s one impressive collection! You have a completely unique set for every theme and festive mood imaginable.

  5. Linda, I collect nativities and have several from our travels and each one holds a story! Your collection is stunning and I appreciate your curated style and choosing what to feature in you Christmas decor. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Curated style….I like that!

  6. WOW !!!!!

    1. Thanks for being wowed!!

    1. Thank you. I so appreciate your taking a look.

  7. I love these Linda ….you made me smile!

    1. I love these Linda….you made me smile!

    2. Knowing you smiled makes me happy.

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