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It’s Time!

Four days until Thanksgiving means it’s time to get my act together.

The first thing, my favorite, is setting the table which means bringing out the dryer hose pumpkins and the Della Robbia dishes. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving at this house without them!

The challenge is thinking of some new way to use them each year. Hmmm, how about mixing them with some almost real pumpkins, a few fall leaves and some green apples?

As I add each piece to the table, I am overwhelmed by memories.

Some memories are of people who are no longer with us and whose chairs have been filled by new family members.

Other memories are of years when our family was a little out of sync. Those may not be the most pleasant, but they, too, are part of our Thanksgiving story.

As every item is brought out, I think of where it came from and who brought a special little treasure to add to the table.

Most of all I think about all that my family has to be thankful for which is reason enough to put all else behind us.

As I hold on to those few things that are repeated year after year, I find myself hoping that when daughters take over this holiday they might hold on to them, too.

With the table done and reflections safely stored, it’s time to move to the next step, thinking about what is needed from the grocery for the familiar favorites that will be on the table.

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21 thoughts on “It’s Time!

  1. I so adore your blog and you! Every year I am amazed anew by the dryer hose pumpkins. Unique and lovely. Glad you are safely home. Are you just exhausted from your incredible journey? Now wait. That India trip might have been a bit ago. Forgive me for not remembering. Happy Thanksgiving! CherryKay

    1. I’ve been home a week and am finally starting to recover from what was an arduous trip. Thank you for your always positive comments. I so appreciate them. You and yours have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Family. For better or for worse. That’s the joy and the pain of it. So glad we’re blessed with the opportunity. When a set of dishes can evoke emotions…whether good, bad, happy, sad…I’d say that set of dishes was well worth the price paid for them. Happy Thanksgiving, and welcome home!

    1. How right you are about family, but I guess the hard times have their value.
      The dishes will outlast me and I’m glad to have hung on to them all these years. Enjoy your holiday which I hope will be pain free.

  3. Oh how beautiful Linda!….yes, I think at Thanksgiving (at least for me) it is so bittersweet with memories of loved ones no longer celebrating this holiday of giving thanks and counting our blessings with us. It was my dad’s favorite holiday….he loved it when all of the family was together at one table celebrating each other. Happy that your daughters are taking over this tradition for you…Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Linda, what a beautiful post and gorgeous table. I adore those pretty plates! Everything looks just perfect for Thanksgiving. I know you must treasure your sweet memories and look forward to the new ones you make each year. I hope that you have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!

  5. Oh, Linda, I love all those pumpkins. They make such an attractive centerpiece that only YOU can put together. It’s so festive and screams Thanksgiving. Have one great day.

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