Next Up: Bikaner

After a very long and tiring bus ride, we arrived in Bikaner too tired to do anything other than shower and go to bed. Next day there were sights to see, but most of us didn’t have the energy to trek around. Bikaner was said to have some wonderful textiles, so four of us headed off to find them.

It didn’t take long for us to find ourselves in textile heaven!

Piece after piece was thrown on the floor in front of us. Each one was handmade exemplifying astonishing skills from weaving to appliqué to embroidery.

Some were of the finest fibers with the very softest being those from a baby camel. I never would have thought camel hair to be suitable for weaving.

Much of the work is done by women working at home, but here we saw these ladies sitting on the floor doing their lovely handwork. While I was in awe of their work, I did not envy their sitting on a hard floor while doing it.

I can’t tell you how long we were in this one shop, but I can tell you that we purchased so much that we were presented with a gift, a sari. Now that is something we weren’t going to buy for ourselves, but we are very happy to have this special memory of India and had fun going native that evening at dinner.

Back at our hotel, we were welcomed by this gentleman who was only too happy to have his photo taken. I was quite surprised when he pulled from behind his ears the rather dramatic extension of his mustache. I must say we’ve seen some pretty spectacular facial hair during this adventure!

Speaking of hotels, the ones we have experienced have been spectacular. Several are palaces that have belonged to maharajahs. In fact, some still claim ownership and lease the property to hotel operators. Quite a nice way to have all those rooms become income producing, wouldn’t you say?

In addition to being very plush the service is amazing. Every employee goes out of his or her way to be helpful and pleasant.

And let me not forget the food, always freshly prepared

and beautifully presented.

Yes, this trip is a kaleidoscope of contrasts which is what makes is so very interesting.

15 thoughts on “Next Up: Bikaner

  1. How you must love all the color you are seeing…the fabrics, the food, the furnishings are all so vivid.

  2. What a fabulous trip. Beautiful photos in the saris! 🙂

  3. You guys look so cute in the saris … Hope you try the ‘ghagaras’ too !!! Beautiful photos

  4. It was nice that you enjoyed Bikaner for it is indeed a beautiful place. Your descriptions and photos are very interesting.
    Do check out indieshe and let me know if you like it.

  5. The saris are stunning! Those fabrics are simply amazing, once again my words are “I can’t imagine!” This is indeed the adventure of a lifetime! The hotel is magnificent and that man’s mustache, omg!

  6. Wonderful photos of your travel adventures. The saris are beautiful. Safe travels.

  7. Bet this part was pure heaven for you, Linda. And the saris are just beautiful. The different part of India, huh?

  8. entertainingwomen November 7, 2017 — 4:40 pm

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. It’s fascinating. Cherry Kay


  9. Great adventures. It looks like the trip of a lifetime.

    1. It may be making my lifetime shorter!

  10. Love the sari photo!

  11. You guys look cute in your saris! It’s fun to dress like the native hosts! You don’t LOOK tired and worn out in the photos, but I’m sure all that travel takes its toll over time. Heck, just driving to the grocery store makes me want to take a nap!😄

    1. Alycia, I’m totally done and ready to go home.

  12. Linda, I know you were in textile heaven, what artisans those weavers are! Your accommodations look luxurious!

  13. I have truly enjoyed reading all the details of this trip! The photographs have been great. Thank you for sharing so generously.

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