A Peek Inside

In Maine, many people have as second homes camps located on a pond or lake.

They are not fancy places but are meant for relaxing and enjoying nature, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing or maybe the luxury of dozing on the porch.

Camps are generally simple with no wasted space and places for only necessities.

The whole idea is comfort.

There seem always to be special touches in these homes away from home. Here it’s a rocking chair embroidered with meaningful images by a grandmother. In my eyes, this is a priceless treasure.

Elsewhere it’s the way fresh produce is mounded in a basket

or how a pot of herbs is an ample centerpiece for the evening meal.

Remembering that the reason for being at a camp is to chill, I think it’s time for a little refreshment

and some quiet time on the porch to enjoy the solitude of the pond.

It’s not likely the silence will be broken by anything other than a loon’s baleful cry. Yes, this is the way life should be.

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20 thoughts on “A Peek Inside

  1. Here we go to “the cabin”. Our was built in 1933 by Sweet Mister’s grandparents. Same European knotty pine throughout. Same quiet lake for boating and just staring into space. No Loons, but floating hawks and good fishing. Thanks. It was a lovely way to stop for a moment. CherryKay

  2. Indeed this IS living at its finest! I wish every child had a chance to experience something like this at least once a year to learn how to get in touch with nature and eschew the distractions of everyday life. A camp or a working farm or ranch…those are the experiences kids need! I had it growing up from the time I was born until I became a surly teenager. Even then I remember the allure when I finally allowed myself to just enjoy it. As an adult, I absolutely treasure these opportunities and think fondly back on my childhood. Certainly I wish everyone could do that.

  3. We have good friends with a cabin on a lake in Michigan that has loons. I LOVE their song and find it puts me to sleep rather than keeps me away! This looks like SUCH a cozy spot – lovey captures.

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