Simply Fall

shades of fall

When leaves begin wearing their rich fall colors, they inspire many a table setting at our house.

No dishes with their deep red orange tone and  leaf outlines are better complements to fall than these. They are right not only because of their color but because they always make me think of the sweet friend who gave them to me.

Playing off the black, these plates are chosen for salad,  

and for a first course of soup they are topped with cups that are companion pieces to the larger plates. The contrasting shapes of all the pieces are playful and interesting.

Add to the place setting a napkin tucked into a simple black napkin ring, and all is done, and I’m liking the way the setting brings out the richness of the table’s wood tones.

Several years ago, a daughter gave me candle holders that fit into bottles.  Somewhere along the line I put them away so well I forgot where they were.  Something made me think of them, and after searching high and low, they reappeared to become part of a fun centerpiece.

Laugh if you will, but I buy many wines because of their label.  It was fun going through the empty bottles and finding ones that would add a playful touch to the table.

Except for the time it took to recover the candle holders, this table went together in a matter of minutes which leaves plenty of time to play in the kitchen.  That’s the way I like it!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Tablescape Thursday

11 thoughts on “Simply Fall

  1. Really love this table and those candle holders. I too buy wine for the labels which I’ve regretted more than once but still like the label on the bottle lol.

  2. Linda, you have your own unique style, and I love it!

  3. Love the setting with the beautiful square plates!….Christine

  4. I love this table setting and i know the food was delicious! Wish i was there to share!!!!

  5. I love this piece, Linda. Fall is a very special season, isn’t it? I take a whole new look at things around me and love seeing your preparation for the next meal. Always such a delight. Love the “wine label” idea.

  6. The seasonal glow well captured – inside and out. Lovely!

  7. loving all the unique shapes and the way they come together. And that red truck wine label is so fun!

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