Destination: Morse’s

One thing I’ve gotten used to in Maine is driving from here to there whether it be to Portland for a city fix or to a favorite destination in the countryside.  

There are a number of places in the middle of what seems like nowhere.  One such is Morse’s, described by the sign as a little German restaurant.

It is that and so much more.  Shelves are filled with goodies, many specialties from Germany and other European countries.  

The deli is one of my all time favorites.  There are oodles of cheeses and pates and sausages making it very hard to choose one or two.  Never do I go to Morse’s without coming out with  bags full.

What Morse’s is best known for locally is its house made sauerkraut.  I’m not usually a big fan, but theirs, as the sign says, can’t be beat.

Since Morse’s is a restaurant, it’s impossible to go there and not have breakfast or lunch.  The hubby always likes something with German sausage.

Me, I can never resist a Reuben sandwich loaded with corned beef and Morse’s delicious sauerkraut.

As many good places to eat as there are in Houston, I love what Maine has to offer.  The eateries are unpretentious and it’s hard to find one where the food isn’t delicious.

Morse’s is one that is on the top of my list. Maine 2009 3 

Getting there has as an extra bonus rural countryside that is particularly beautiful this time of year.

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16 thoughts on “Destination: Morse’s

  1. What a superb store with clearly extraordinary nourishment! That is dependably a win-win!

  2. Traveling through the towns of Maine always remind me of the poem, The Road Less Traveled. Not only is your destination always wonderful, but so is the drive there….just filled with beauty all around which always makes you truly feel that “Life is Good” !!!! …. I love sauerkraut! As a matter of fact, bought some today, but in a jar!…can only imagine how their special sauerkraut must be! Love going on your special trips with you! As always, thanks for taking us along!

    1. I’m always happy to know you are along.

  3. A Reuben would be fabulous right now.

  4. Looks delicious. Wish I could zap myself there. The fall colors look so pretty.

  5. Looks like a great place to visit. My dh would have loved it.

    1. Love the food and all that I come home with. It’s well worth the drive.

  6. I’m forwarding this to a friend whose husband can’t get enough German food…maybe because he IS German! They travel quite a bit, so I want to make sure he knows about this place should they head to Maine.

    1. Should they ever get this way, your friends would not be disappointed in Morse’s. Not fancy but good.

  7. Local humble gems are always the best!

    1. Maine is full of those local gems.

  8. What a wonderful store with apparently great food! That is always a win-win!

  9. Love Morse’s ! go at least twice a summer! Funny our husband’s have the same taste and so do we! Happy fall!

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