Stepping Into Fall

As much as I have resisted the coming of fall, the calendar says it’s here, and I am taking baby steps to welcome it.

The first step is purchasing pumpkins and gourds.  With their varied colors and textures, they are my favorite offerings of the season.

Company is coming for dinner, so the first place they are going to be used is as a centerpiece on the dining room table. They are arranged on a fall colored tablecloth that has been folded to serve as a runner.

With so much color to work with, the rest is easy.  As they so often are, the versatile Dollar Tree plates are a good choice.

This time they are on a flared placemat from TJ Maxx and topped with a fall themed napkin folded to have the pumpkin image front and center.

Until I walked out into the yard, I thought glasses and flatware were the finishing touches to the table.

Wind had littered the ground with small branches which I gathered to throw away. As I was breaking them up it occurred to me that the smaller twigs would be a fun addition to the centerpiece. I am a believer that anything can work.

So there you have it, the table is finished and is just as warm and friendly as the folks who will gather there.

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9 thoughts on “Stepping Into Fall

  1. Oh I love the colors on the table and the natural centerpiece of gourds and the wonderful twigs, branches….I know Fall is so spectacular in Maine and a wonderful time for you, but then again it is the last season you experience before heading south, so I am sure that makes it a little bittersweet!

  2. Such a lovely little tableau you’ve created! I’m really not excited about shifting into the autumn season, but this would actually put me on the fall spirit.

  3. I’m sure your fall table was appreciated by the friends that sat around it!

  4. Don’t you just love all the quirkiness of gourds!?! I just think that each one is so different and that’s what makes them fun. The addition of your twigs was perfect! Pretty table!

  5. Linda, your creative spirit amazes me…twigs work beautifully with your pumpkins and gourds! Beautiful table my friend!

  6. I love the addition of the twigs. Great idea not to throw them away! Gorgeous table setting. 🙂

  7. Great idea to use the twigs!

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