shades of fallBecause summer in Maine is a short season, I hold on to it as long as possible.  The time has come to let go, however, as the trees are turning and the leaves are already falling giving hint of the raking and cleanup that is to follow.

Maine houseSometimes I don’t change slipcovers from summer to fall because we are only in Maine until early November.  

Today I had some free time and a burst of energy and set about changing things around to celebrate the first day of fall.  Off came the light slips to be replaced by these with rich colors reflective of the newly arrived season.  And just because, I moved furniture around, too.

I’ve  sworn not to buy anything new so much of the changing look came from shopping the house.  As I looked around, I noticed turquoise accents here and there so that became the “new”.

Throw pillows from another room are added to the mix of fabrics on the sofa.   The turquoise doesn’t seem to mind being thrown in with the reds and golds.

In the cabinet where there are so many candles I forget what they are, I found ones to carry out the color scheme.

 It’s amazing what shows up when you start looking!

Moving things from one place to another gives the table top a new look and a spray of flowers from a recent visit to Trader Joe’s provides the finishing touch.

Now that wasn’t too hard and the changes give the room a totally new look, warm and textured as befits fall.  So, if you are thinking about what to do for fall, my suggestion is use what you have differently.  You might be surprised what happens.

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27 thoughts on “Easy Decorating Tips

  1. Great advice Linda, I used to move the furniture so often my husband would say he had to look before he sat down in case the chair was no longer there 🤣 It’s a great way to motivate cleaning too! How fun that you shopped the house and came up with a brand new look~ you must tell us about the shell shoe??

  2. Sitting on my back porch this morning and enjoying your post while …

    The “Duchess of Yorkie” conducts her first inspection of the squirrels and bunnies for the day. I’m struck by the difference between the colors presenting in your neck of the woods versus those in mine…and both set against a glorious blue sky. It occurs to me that God must be enjoying the paints in His palette of heavenly colors as he brushes them across our nation this day. And oh yes, one can never go wrong with teal. Love, Cherry Kay


  3. Your trees are drop-dead gorgeous (as they say)! You really did have a sudden burst of energy. I imagine changing slipcovers isn’t an easy process. They look great, both the summer and fall set. I love the house shopping results – especially the jeweled pump beside your beautiful fall flowers. Happy fall!

  4. So happy to see this room again with your “non summer” slipcovers. I so love all of the gorgeous colors that you have used in your accessories. You did a beautiful job in curating the room by shopping the house … a house filled with the most beautiful and unique treasures that you have gathered through your travels. So enjoyed your new look for Fall! Happy Fall to you and your love!

  5. I wish I could get a sudden burst of energy. Your room looks fresh and inviting and has a cozy fall look. Love how you shopped the house and changed things up.
    Your first pic of the beautiful fall trees is gorgeous. Just breathtaking. No changing color here except for brown leaves falling.We had the loudest, longest and biggest hail storm this afternoon. Amazing.

  6. Indeed it IS amazing what gems we discover hidden around our own homes if we just take the time to get creative! I prefer to find things I’ve kinda forgotten about over going out and dragging more stuff in. Don’t get it twisted, though…I LOVE to shop! But it’s always so cool to get an idea in my head and then make it work with just what’s at hand. You did an excellent job of it! I’m sure it’s a blessing to have 2 very different homes to create in. That’s my dream! Oh…and the trees look INCREDIBLE!!! Oh, my goodness! Ours are nowhere near that just yet. It’s still in the doggone 90s here!😠

  7. I could probably shop my house til the day I die;):) I have A LOT of stuff. Love the slips, so colorful and warm fro fall and winter. Wish I had 2 (or 6) places to decorate, that would be a dream come true!!!

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