More Maine

Lest you think Maine is all about the coast and islands and boating, come with me a few miles inland. Very quickly it becomes rural making you think you are in a different place.

Town lines are far apart as are houses in the scarcely populated areas.

Along the road, cattle laze in the fields

and horses stare out to see what is interrupting the quiet.

Farm equipment suggests a way of making a living that is quite different than that on the coast.

With fall closing in, there is evidence of gathering for winter

and wagons are stacked high with hay that will keep livestock fed when grass is covered with snow.

Barns are as common as houses in the countryside.

Sometimes when I’m taking pictures, a curious neighbor comes out to chat which is a great way to learn about an area.  Folks like to tell what they know as happened with this barn.  It was built in the mid 1800’s by a gentleman who then owned thousands of acres that were farmed and provided timber.  Over the years, heirs lost interest in working the land and sold off the property bit by bit.The barn fell into disrepair until a few years ago someone who respected its architecture bought and restored it.  These days it’s used for nothing but storage, but the owner keeps it in pristine condition which is probably what caught my eye.

Another characteristic of these rural areas are general stores.  Keep in mind that Maine is made up of many small towns and grocery stores are few and far between.  

The general store provides basic necessities and serves as a gathering place for locals to meet and share what’s going on.  In some cases, it serves as the post office and an offsite bank.

It’s not surprising to find the general store is also the local eatery.

and I’m telling you there are some pretty good vittles there.

Yep, Maine has lots to offer if one takes the time to explore.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind





8 thoughts on “More Maine

  1. You’ve shown us that Maine has a lot to offer for sure. Lord willing I might still get there someday. 🙂

  2. Such a different lifestyle…it’s beautiful and fascinating, thanks so much for the peek Linda!

  3. Can you believe that Maine is one of our states that I haven’t explored?? It is definitely on our short list…your photos say start packing!

  4. This gives me an urge to visit, which I have probably already said in an earlier post! 🙂

  5. It amazes me how every area of our country has its own brand of beauty. Maine is a gorgeous state!

  6. Thank you for always taking us along on your wonderful trips through Maine! I just read sweet Alycia’s comment…yes, Baby Boom…loved that movie too…it is so refreshing to know that there are many general stores in existence where locals gather to catch up on their neighbors and the news of the day. Enjoy your week in your beautiful state of Maine!

  7. This is the bucolic wonder that draws me in! In the 1980s Diane Keaton movie “Baby Boom”, this is just how the northeast is depicted. I watch that movie as often as possible because it’s so soothing. Very different from where I live here in the ‘burbs where the homes are within a stone’s throw of each other. I would love to visit there in autumn!

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