I can’t think of a place where there is more color and texture than at a farmers market.

The produce, the flowers combine to make me want one of everything which means I always come home with more than I need.

This time the market buys provided inspiration for a table.  It was a little challenging getting the carrots through the neck of the bottle until I found just the right size.

IMG_9438With the centerpiece of flowers and vegetables in place, it was easy to choose the rest.  

I had planned on using the black plates with the harlequin bowls, but one plate was missing….how does that happen?  

The solution was to do half of the place settings in reverse which added a touch of the unexpected.

As I added glassware to the table, I remembered the little Mason jars which I use for the kid drinks at tini time.  Off went the chosen water glasses to be replaced by the jars. 

This table was such fun to create, and as I stood back and looked at it it dawned on me that inspiration can come from anywhere.  You just have to be open to the suggestions.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Tablescape Thursday


23 thoughts on “Farmers Market Inspiration

  1. I suggest we put out a joint APB. I, too, have had a couple of dishes to mysteriously disappear lately. What the heck, man?!??!?!? But you worked it out and it’s lovely. The fresh flowers and produce complement the dishes right on the money! Farmers markets…aren’t they just a dream? LOVE going!

  2. Hil Linda,
    Still love your posts! I have two large serving bowls and three large platters and nine mugs of the plates you showed today. I do love the festive colors.

    I have been wondering how your home in Houston fared in the storm. Hope you got by unscathed .

  3. Between all those bold colors and fresh flavors, it really is impossible to leave the farmers market without a big bundle of inspiration as well! Right now we’re in prime summer harvest, so it’s really the best opportunity to take advantage of his great resource.

  4. Hate when that happens.
    Wow, what colors at the farmer’s market! They were the perfect inspiration for you table and your plates went so well with the riot of colors. I love what you did with the carrot! That was pure genius!

  5. I always come home from a farmer’s market with more fruit and veggies than we can eat. It’s like going to a buffet! I love the carrot in a jar – so cute. Your idea for mixing your plates and bowls is genius. I love the “non-matchy” look. Your juice jars are a wonderful addition!

  6. Beautiful fresh produce and the tablescape is gorgeous with lovely dishware and the mix and match you created is awesome!. I love it all.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  7. I love your market day finds as your centerpiece! It’s so colorful just like your inspirational first photo! What a great place to get inspiration. Sometimes I can’t find a plate that I thought I had and I have to go back to one of my previous posts to see if I really did have the plate in that size and color!! I hope your missing plates pop up somewhere!!

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