Out With a Bang

Summer comes late and leaves early in Maine.  Most folks say the season is from July 4 through Labor Day.  That’s not very long!

Windjammer FestivalHere on the midcoast, Camden says good bye to summer with the Windjammer Festival when schooners from the area join Camden’s fleet and take over the harbor.It is a fun filled weekend with activities and displays of all kinds.

Windjammer FestivalNothing brings more cheers than the lobster crate race, definitely for the young and nimble!


Some schooners are available for cruises on Penobscot Bay, always a favorite adventure for visitors.  With all sails up, the windjammer is a majestic sight,  a symbol of a bygone era.

Other schooners host an open house to give folks an idea of what it’s like to live aboard.  It’s pretty close quarters, and one has to have a real sense of adventure to enjoy a week long stay.  From what I’ve heard, the food is quite good so that’s a real plus!


Yes, summer goes out with a big bang on Maine’s midcoast, but except for giving up my white jeans I’m going to enjoy it until it’s officially fall.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


12 thoughts on “Out With a Bang

  1. So beautiful and such a wonderful contrast to Houston. I hope you’ll be able to stay up there longer while Houston struggles to get back to normal~ the schooner is breathtaking!

    1. Houston getting back to normal will take a while. From what I hear everyone is traumatized.

  2. You capture the Maine spirit!

    1. Thank you. Maine has a unique spirit.

  3. These are such fantastic photos. You really captured that little slice of life so beautifully, so artfully, I can almost pretend that I’m right there with you, in that moment. I wish my Labor Day had been so lovely!

    1. Thank you. Labor Day has to be special as it marks the end of the best part of summer for those making a living here.

  4. What fun, I would love to sail! I gave up my white jeans on Sunday, that rule that says you can’t wear after Labor Day still sticks in my head!

    1. I replaced white with off white! Next I’ll have to wear closed toe shoes, not quite as appealing.

  5. Sure wish I lived closer. I’d love that! 🙂

  6. Looks like a fun day. July 4 – Labor Day is a short time.
    I don’t think I’d like to sail for a week but a day’s excursion would be fun.

  7. We came home last Saturday. Miss the beautiful sunrises and the cool afternoons.

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