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This is Belfast, not in Ireland but on the midcoast of Maine, so named at the request of an Irish settler around 1770.  With names like Yarmouth, Moscow, Camden, Naples I think many towns in Maine are named for places of early settlers origins.

Not  too long ago Belfast was best known for its chicken packing plant.  That is closed now, and new restaurants, galleries, and shops line the main street making it a very fun place for an outing.

One of the most popular eateries, not only in Belfast but on Maine’s coast, is Chase’s Daily where tasty vegetarian dishes are prepared from produce grown at the family farm.  During the summer months, one can expect a lengthy wait for a table.

Chase's DailyWait time can pass pretty quickly if you venture to the rear of the restaurant where there is a stunning array of vegetables and flowers available for purchase.

 Chase’s is also a venue for local artists to display their work.   How many places do you go and see art and vegetables being complementary?

As good as all the healthy food is, my very favorite thing is this cookie oozing with chocolate and dried cherries.  I’ve been known to have one when I’m waiting in line for a table.

New this year in Belfast is an unbelievable farmers market.   I’d been told it was wonderful, but I wasn’t prepared for just how great it is.

Most Maine farmers markets are outdoors.  Not this one!  It’s in a huge enclosed building, and plans are for it to operate year round.  Hopefully, the full time population of the midcoast will support it as it is a great asset to the area.

In addition to produce and locally made cheeses and meats, there are all kinds of prepared edibles surprisingly representing a number of cultures.  It’s going to take more than one visit to try them all!

It was great to see a variety of handmade items  displayed and getting considerable interest.  It got me to thinking about whether or not some of my handwoven pieces might find a market there. Scarves and shawls just might fit right in.

cupcakesMost of the vendors did a great job displaying their wares.  I tried to pass by the egg carton full of mini cupcakes, but it was impossible to resist!  Not only were the cupcakes cute, they were very tasty.

That’s a quick look at some of what is in Belfast.  Next stop is Coastal Mountain Land Trust’s recently developed rail-trail which follows the route of the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad, a passenger and freight line which operated from 1871 to 2007 between Belfast and Burnham Junction.  A hike is just the thing to walk off the extra calories ingested at the farmers market.  Let’s get going!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

14 thoughts on “New Look Belfast

  1. Looks wonderful – all the best of Maine under one roof. 🙂

  2. How wonderful, Linda! I love the cupcake storage idea. The cupcakes do look divine, so of course you had to taste them. The cookies, veggies, and flowers look great, too. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Linda, this is just my kind of place…one stop shopping and eating. The cookies look delicious and the farmers’ market would be a daily stop for me!

    1. I am hoping all is ok at your Houston home.

      1. We are among the lucky ones.🙏

  4. Brings back fond memories if our visit there!

  5. An INDOOR farmers market?!?!!?!? How great is THAT?!!?!?!! I wish Kansas City would pick up and run with that idea! The outdoor markets are only open from May through September or October. We do have a City Market district with lots of individual stores (and the huge outdoor thing May-September), but the stores aren’t all in one building. You have to trudge through the snow to get to each one, and that sucks when it’s in the teens and below!!!!!!

  6. This looks like a great market. Thanks for showing us around. Stay safe in Houston.

  7. My next trip to Belfast will certainly include the farmer’s market and Chase’s. Thanks for the tips!!

    1. The market is open Saturday 9-2.

  8. Oh my! What a wonderful place…a true feast for the eyes and tummy! Now I am off to look up a recipe for a chocolate cherry cookie! I love it when you post about Maine’s special towns! Hope all is well at your southern home Linda!

    1. We are so far among the lucky ones in Houston.

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