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Now For the Rest

Now that you’ve seen my friend’s lovely gardens, lets take a quick look inside where we gathered for a delightful lunch after meeting the chickens.

Walking in, one immediately gets a sense of energy and good cheer.  Both are characteristics of the people who live there.

The table is ready for us to sit, but first I want to share a few favorite vignettes.

There are collections so representative of Maine treasures.

IMG_9273I’m crazy for the framed piece by Lynn Karlin who I am taking a workshop from in a couple of weeks.

Among the wonderful spaces is a screened porch with views to a garden area and Maison Poulet.

Relaxed seating makes me think of whiling away a summer afternoon with a good book.

Getting back to the table, you can bet I like these dishes since I have the same and use them frequently.  They are perfect  here as they pick up the design and colors of the table.

There’s no need for an elaborate setting, and the little sprinkler cans filled with flowers from the lush gardens are just right

as is the natural placemat.

Hmmm, I think it’s time to see what’s going on in the kitchen where a garden fresh salad is being tossed to accompany poached salmon.  You know, it just doesn’t get any better than enjoying good food and conversation with a group of interesting women.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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34 thoughts on “Now For the Rest

  1. So beautiful! I would love to visit! I vacationed in Maine as a child and still long for it now, as a transplant to the Midwest.

  2. I’m with you on the book reading session! Everything looks so relaxing and beautiful – just as the gardens outside their home. The table setting is wonderfully interesting, fresh, and pretty. 🙂

  3. So enjoyable. Share with your friend how much we enjoyed the tour. Her gardens are lovely as is her home. You could be sisters in styling.
    The weather in Houston looks terrible if the predictions hold true. We are concerned for my husband’s elderly aunt and uncle.Their street has flooded several times. They recently worked a long time trying to fix the drainage so I hope they have it under control.

  4. The second I saw those dishes I wondered if for some reason you had taken yours on the visit!!!!!!!!! Recognized them right off the bat! Gosh, your friend has exquisite taste!!! Just…wow! Her home is beautifully appointed without being all snooty and museum-like. They must really enjoy living there. I know I would!!! Great post, Linda! I REALLY enjoyed this one! Have a peaceful weekend!

  5. Gorgeous gardens and loved the chicken coup from the last post, seen here nestled in the garden. Beautiful photos, as always. Lynn Karlin’s the best–enjoy the workshop!! Gardens Maine Style was one of my favorite books to work on when I was at Down East Books…

  6. I love this house. The living room, the table and chairs looking over the garden, the porch room , and the dining room table and chairs are beautiful and ….those stunning blue glasses! Thanks I really enjoyed this “virtual” tour.

  7. When I first saw her main room I thought, she has similar style and taste to yours and then when I saw the plates I smiled, and thought, I knew it!! Her home is simply lovely! Please tell her thank you for letting us peek…I am so envious of your upcoming photo class, that print is stunning! Oh and prayers to Houston, I hope your house is ok!

    1. So far all is well for us in Houston, just wet. I ran into Lynn Carlin today at a farmers market where she was probably gathering subject matter!

  8. Houston is very wet today, thanks to HARVEY. But living on one of the few old brick streets allows water to disappeared quickly.
    THANK YOU for sharing these photos of your friends’ garden and lovely home! It made a gloomy day bright!

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