Meeting the Chickens

IMG_9284A friend very excited about her newly acquired chickens couldn’t wait to show them off.

I must say her feathered friends are being treated royally and claim as home a specially built coop.

IMG_9278I didn’t catch it at first, but check out the name.  That is so my friend!

As entertaining as her new beauties were, it was impossible not to let the eye be distracted by the drama of nature that was all around.

Every growing thing looked like it was on steroids which was attributed to fish emulsion.  I’m thinking that is a must for next year’s garden.

 Complementing nature’s bounty was the magic of the fog wafting in from the water.

Its quiet presence is a thing of wonder,

to say nothing about how its veiled mystery enhances color.

At every turn there were breathtaking vignettes with an astounding variety of color and texture.  Remembering that a short time ago there was nothing more than grass between the house and the shore makes all this bounty even more remarkable.

I think you will agree that it would be very easy to spend hours right here listening to the sound of the sea, watching the fog come and go, experiencing the quiet beauty of nature and keeping company with the chickens that are sure to come calling.


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32 thoughts on “Meeting the Chickens

  1. Beautiful gardens! But I love that hen house! Now I want something like this for my girls!!

  2. A maison for poulet and beautiful flowers. Perfect

  3. Stopping back by to thank you for sharing at Gardens Galore, Linda!

  4. Gorgeous garden and Maison Poulet is something to crow about 😉

  5. Lulu, you certainly captured the drama of nature and the mystical fog. Beautiful. Dianne

  6. Oh my, her garden is gorgeous!! Love the mystical fog. Yes, spoiled chickens for sure!!

  7. Gorgeous setting and excellent photo’s! Plus — ‘Maison Poulet’ — what a hoot!

    1. Yep, I think those chicks are pretty uptown!

  8. Marcia Fennell Gardner August 23, 2017 — 12:49 pm

    Beautiful garden! Bravo to your friend! P.S. I grew up on a “gentleman’s farm” with chickens, goats, horses and many dogs! Plus flower gardens, rock gardens, and orchards! I remember that my mother believed in organic fertilizer, before it became fashionable. Fish emulsion may be a bit stinky but it works well !!!! I use it on my house plants.

    1. A gentleman’s farm is how I’d describe my daughter’s place.

  9. Linda, your friend’s garden is stunning! Everything is so vibrant with the misty fog. Those are some lucky chickens!

  10. Oh my goodness….your friend’s gardens are gorgeous!….i so remember using fish emulsion years ago and thinking that with all of our technology we have these days, can they make it smell better?!!! …. Have to admit, it is great fertilizer and i am sure her loving care is the secret to her gardens….and that chicken coop is the cutest….you need a cute house with a name to house those cute chickens! Thanks for taking us on the tour of your friend’s pretty gardens and Maison Poulet!

  11. Thank you Linda. Your photos make our home look beautiful!

    1. No problem creating beauty when it’s all there.

  12. Beautiful garden and what a very fancy chicken coop! Love it.

    1. Yes, I thought Maison Paulette was pretty cool.

  13. Linda, I would love to paint that chicken. Do you think your friend would mind? Such gorgeous scenes throughout this whole piece.

    1. I don’t think she would mind. If you do paint it, send me a photo that I can share.

      1. I certainly will send you a photo if I tackle that painting, Linda.

  14. Just gorgeous

  15. Beautiful photos of a magnificent spot…wow.

    1. Thank you. I didn’t have to do anything to make the photos pretty!

  16. Absolutely beautiful!

    1. You would have been in heaven.

  17. What a gorgeous setting, those residents of Maison Poulet are lucky little chickens!

  18. Pure gorgeousness!!! What a cool chicken coop! Very fancy!

    1. Close it in, add a room and I could have fun with it!

  19. Yes, I do agree. How wonderful! The chicken coup is adorable, and I was soon amazed at so much more. With dogs, I found out that fish emulsion makes them dig for fish. Everything was uprooted very quickly. Ugh! Either your friend has no dogs outside or well-trained dogs outside. I enjoyed touring this lovely setting!

    1. The dog is a cute little inside one who seems to ignore the emulsion.

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