Just the Two of Us

For the first time in several weeks, it’s just the hubby and me at home.  That means some relaxed moments on the porch enjoying the sunset over Rockport Harbor.  The days are getting shorter now, and the colors are deepening as summer begins to wane.

When it’s just the two of us, life is pretty simple.  Breakfast is a bowl of cereal or a smoothie or this time of year a blueberry muffin to go with coffee.  Lunch is whatever, maybe a sandwich, maybe hummus with crackers and cheese.  Nothing fancy for sure.

When it comes to dinner, it’s still simple, but a bit more effort goes into making it more than a stand up meal.  Always, there are flowers gathered from the garden or from the side of the road.

Whatever dishes are used are meant to complement the runner or placemats that are on the table.  This night they were from Dollar Tree which is a great place for picking up new pieces inexpensively.  No tears are shed when a plate gets broken!

It was a piece of cake to finish this table by adding accessories that repeated the colors in both the plates and the cloth.

As silly as my kids think it is, I always use cloth napkins.  Maybe it’s my contribution to saving trees and reducing what goes to the landfill!  Besides, it’s so easy to tuck them into a napkin ring which makes their presentation a bit more special.

So, that’s the table.  Now, what about dinner?  More often than not, we have seafood which is local and fresh. 

One of our favorites is scallops, likely to have been brought in from the sea that day.  They are at their best when seared quickly on each side to preserve their sweet goodness.  This night they were served over corn risotto with a simple green salad on the side.  It doesn’t get better than that!

So, there you have it, just the two of us enjoying a relaxed night at home with a few touches that make it seem a little special.

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33 thoughts on “Just the Two of Us

  1. Sounds a lot like the life the two of us are leading as well. Other than, we aren’t lucky enough to have fresh seafood at our finger tips! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. Enjoy your quiet times together with that ever so amazing view celebrating that life is good. I love cloth vs. paper napkins…but when I have to use paper, I prefer the soft Vanity Fair Impressions napkins….love your beautiful collection of napkin rings!! Your table is always such a treat to see!

    1. I bought some paper napkins recently that look just like cloth. You can’t tell the difference until you feel them.

  3. You set a lovely table and your food looks perfect in every way. I do love a cloth napkin. My DIL uses cloth napkins everyday. She was given her grandmothers collection.The funny thing is hers never get stained. She doesn’t buy paper products at all except paper towels. She uses plates for just one muffin. Now, I’m not that good.
    I’m going to be thinking about your scallops and risoto all day.

    1. It sounds like your DIL and I have much in common! A few if my. Adkins do get stained, especially when we have lobster. If I can’t get them clean they get tossed.

  4. I must get over to the Dollar Tree, love their stuff, use them mostly for my business when making small baskets to sell or give as gifts. Love the quiet time hubby and I have also although not often as we have 9 grandkids who are often visiting at various times….but that’s good too!

    1. I know what it’s like when grandkids come visiting. I’m still recovering from the last ones!

  5. What a lovely time spent and that food looks yummy on the gorgeous setting.

    1. Thanks Fabby. It doesn’t take much to make us happy.

  6. The best of company and yummy dinner!

  7. Marcia F.Gardner August 18, 2017 — 10:07 am

    Linen napkins always! Napkin rings too, even for the two of us. I often take my napkins from the washer and smooth them out on top of the dryer where they become starchy looking! An easy (and lazy) way to have a pretty nappie!

  8. Linda, what a beautiful day beginning with blueberry muffins and ending with seared scallops over corn risotto all set on a lovely table! It looks perfect to me!

  9. Dollar Tree is a real great place in desperate times and when you get a creative bug it’s fun to supplement there. Now those blueberry muffins and those scallops…yum.

    1. Agree about Dollar Tree. One opened here last year and I’ve taken full advantage!

  10. Look at those blueberries! Just LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It’s even better to taste them!

  11. I will drive right over…it all looks amazing. What time should I come? Hugs, Laurie

  12. I can just imagine your days as you describe them. The table looks so perfect with your dishes and napkins. The salad, scallops and risotto are plated beautifully! Add the wine and you are good to go!

    1. The time I spend in Maine is such a gift.

  13. Yeah to cloth napkins. I have always used them and now so do both our daughters.

    1. I have not been successful in passing that onto my girls.

  14. Sounds lovely! Especially the scallops with corn risotto!

  15. Just put your feet up, have a pajama day, and enjoy having no agenda.

  16. Your descriptions and comments always make me smile—–and I better not get any more paper napkins !!!!!

  17. What a great way to finish off the summer. I, too, always use cloth napkins. That is how I was raised and it is a hard habit to break. They feel so much better on the face, sit nicely and stay in place on the lap, easy to launder and, let’s face it, most importantly they just look pretty! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    1. Cloth napkins don’t tear and if they don’t get soiled they can be used again.

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