On the Water

Over the years, the hubby and I have boated in many different places.  While the experience is always pleasant, when it comes to great boating, there is for us no place like the midcoast of Maine.  Why?  Let me count the ways!

Maine islandsThe Islands.  There are some 3500 islands off Maine’s coast.  If all were connected to the mainland, it is said that the coast of Maine would stretch from its northernmost tip to Key West.

islandsMost are uninhabited, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be explored.  

Warren IslandOn some is evidence of lives once lived on the island.

heart rocksShorelines may yield unexpected treasures such as heart rocks or sea glass or sometimes raspberries and blueberries ripe for picking.

Maine islandFor sure every island is different.  All have rocks, some large and smooth,


some craggy and difficult if not impossible to scale.

BrimstoneStill others have layers of small stones warm and smooth to the touch.

Perry Creek, fogInlets and harbors.  Nothing beats finding a secluded inlet or a protected harbor where you can anchor for a quiet afternoon or, perhaps, spend the night.

Perry CreekThere’s nothing like being on the boat under the night sky and seeing the moon lift from the horizon and climb higher and higher to cast its reflection on the water.

Yarmouth/lighthouseLighthouses.  I’m crazy for lighthouses, and there are many along the Maine coast.  

Most are no longer operative, but that doesn’t mean they don’t continue to stand proud.  

Matinicus RockSome are isolated, and I find myself wondering about the lighthouse keepers who once manned them.  Surely there are stories that could be told.

Fun places to eat.  The coast is dotted with dockside places to eat, and it’s so much fun to stumble upon a new one or return to a favorite.

fried clamsMost menus focus on seafood fresh from the water, and I always have a hard time refusing fried clams though recently I had a lobster grilled cheese that may be my new favorite.

Hey, enough writing.  It’s time to take advantage of a beautiful day and do a little boating!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


22 thoughts on “On the Water

  1. That photo of the fried clams has me salivating! I just got back from my yearly trip to Vermont…had fried clams a couple of times. They have to be whole bellied, no strips for me.
    Your photos are awesome, Linda.

    1. I didn’t know you were a regular visitor to Vermont. I hope you enjoyed good weather as well as the fried clams!

  2. Hi some of my best memories come from Maine when we traveled there with my mom and 9 of my brothers and sisters. Your photography is beautiful and I loved your rock pictures..I always pick up rocks and have them around me. I’m glad I found your blog.Therese

    1. Thank you, Therese. Maine is a special place to make memories.

  3. So beautifully written, Linda. We have enjoyed sailing near those shores and for many years, loving the overnight stays. You truly are in another world as you venture along. Your photos are always a treat along with your pieces of writing.

  4. I had no idea there were so many little islands off Maine, endless boat exploring! Isn’t it scary to land on an island not knowing what you’ll run into? I love to boat, but I like to be docked at home for sleeping!

  5. Oh have fun you two. Nothing better than enjoying cruising beautiful coast of Maine. You should stop by and say hello to Loi!

  6. What beautiful photos, Linda! I had no idea that Maine has so many islands. We have to make a visit to Maine a priority!

  7. Gorgeous photos, Lulu. Lovely Maine.

    1. An easy place to get lovely photos.

  8. entertainingwomen August 1, 2017 — 12:22 am

    Beautiful. Brought back memories of the summer I lived on Nantucket Island. I so love the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks for sharing with us. Cherry Kay

    1. A summer may not have been long enough.

  9. Just love it!

  10. Beautiful pictures, Linda. You hit all the reasons why the coast of Maine is the best.

  11. I had no idea that Maine has so many islands! Wow that is quite amazing!

  12. My husband would love this. Exploring and having your own quarters with comfort.
    The moon shot is wonderful. How beautiful it must be with no city lights.
    Love the pretty smooth stones. I must look for my stones from the Russian River in Alaska. The heart shaped ones are very special too.

  13. So liked your blog today and your photos are fabulous!

  14. SO cool!!!! This post reminds me of the movie “Something’s Gotta Give” with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson…maybe because of the rocks. Heart-shaped, though…that’s really neat!

  15. Mr. Militant Negro July 31, 2017 — 3:26 pm

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