Learning As I Go

I’m crazy for beautiful gardens, but I’ve never been much of a gardener.  Now there is no choice as every area of our yard has growing things that require attention, and that has meant a pretty sharp learning curve for me.

Gardening is a bit of a challenge as much of the growing area is on a rocky cliff which makes footing in some areas rather treacherous.  

Much of the area facing Rockport Harbor is in shade, and I have learned the hard way that not all plants do well without lots of sunshine.  Hostas are one of the exceptions, and right now they are coming into their own. The oodles of varieties make them a most interesting garden addition when it comes to color and texture.

Day lilies are doing their thing, and I do love their vibrancy, 

Peonies have been deadheaded though there is one lone bloom that refuses to give up, perhaps because it doesn’t want to leave its insect dweller homeless.

I don’t know where they came from, but this year dainty forget-me-nots have shown up in every garden area.  Earlier in the summer I was pulling them up, but the task was never ending and I decided to leave them as ground cover.  Their little blue blooms are sweet, but I’m still not sure how I feel about their presence.  Any ideas for getting rid of them?

Climbing hydrangeas bloom through the summer and need little attention other than an occasional trim.  It’s best for the hubby not to be the one who takes on that task as he gets carried away and they get scalped!

Lacecap hydrangeas line a garden path.  They are trouble free which is a good thing.  The down side is they don’t last as long as some of the other varieties which is sad because they may be my favorites.

A favorite part of the yard is what the kids call beautiful land.  Among the rocks, ladies’ slipper, mosses, ornamental thyme and other ground covers flourish.  Best of all, this area requires little maintenance other than some weeding.

Wherever I look there is something of beauty whether it’s lining a pathway

or adding its own unique touch in another garden area.  

Even the unruly, unkept areas that belong only to nature make their individual statements.  One thing’s for sure, I won’t be scaling the rocks to try to get any of it under control.  That’s a lesson learned early on!

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35 thoughts on “Learning As I Go

  1. Your garden is beautiful .Everything is so bright. I wish my garden could look that good

    1. Thank you. It is a work in progress.

  2. Absolutely beautiful yard!! Such a variety of plants!

  3. Looking good! Keep up the good work!

  4. Really pretty, Linda. Do be careful!

  5. I love peonies and that picture is pretty perfect. Lovely! Simply lovely, Linda.

  6. entertainingwomen July 25, 2017 — 1:33 pm

    I can only dream of a yard this magnificent. Thank you for sharing it with us. Cherry Kay

  7. You’re as much of a non-gardener as you are a non-photographer. Beautiful!!!!

  8. Linda, I think the vote is in and we all say that you are definitely a gardener. What beauty surrounds your house in Maine. Climbing hydrangeas are so pretty and your lace-caps are stunners! I have such a hard time with hostas having enough shade and yours are lush and vibrant! Please don’t scale the rocks! Thanks for sharing at Gardens Galore’

  9. SPECTACULAR yard! Everything looks so tidy!!!

    1. If so it’s because of a lot of weed pulling! I’ve gotten to be pretty expert at that.

  10. Your garden looks beautiful! You are indeed a gardener :).

    1. Im still trying to get the front one right!

      1. Looks pretty “right” to me! Good job.

  11. Gorgeous garden! It’s so tranquil and I envy your shade, not to mention the summer temps in Maine. Most everyone I know who had planted climbing hydrangeas can’t get them to bloom…you’re lucky you have to prune!

    1. Speaking of summer temps, would you believe we have a fire tonight? That’s definitely a record!

  12. I agree with Jenna and Kim. Looks like you live there all year round. Looks perfectly maintained and so pretty.
    I can relax thinking of your lovely temperatures in late July. You can remember how hot it is here I’m sure.I’m winding down for a spell because it is too hot and humid to do much work in the garden although I could delegate many jobs to someone else.Last week was a hot one and we are needing rain.
    Enjoy your summer home.

    1. The temperate climate does make it easier to work in the yard. In houston I keep it as low maintenance as possible.

  13. I second what Jenna said. Your surroundings say a gardener is somewhere close by! It;s all very pretty, Linda.

  14. Your garden is gorgeous! You definitely should realize you are a wonderful gardener. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Your garden is magnificent…so enjoyable to see.

    1. Thank you! The garden is very catch as catch can!

  16. So lovely. Good idea on not scaling the rocks!

    1. I about killed my self on the rocks before wising up!


    1. Thanks, Jodi, it’s a work in progress.

  18. for someone who says she’s not a gardener, your yard certainly looks incredible to me! It’s all gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Jenna, it’s a bit of a lot of things.

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