First Glimpses

As soon as we’ve pulled into the driveway, I’m out of the car to get a first glimpse of what is new in the yard.  

This time of year is still springlike in Maine, so first blooms are just visible.

Rarely are any of my tulips still in bloom, but thanks to a late spring arrival, they are still showing off.

The climbing hydrangea appears to be ready for a banner season

 and rhododendrons are just beginning to bloom.  A day or two of sunshine and they will be a mass of color.

peony budPeonies are still just tight little buds, but it won’t be long until they are in full bloom.  That i can never get enough of!

I can never remember the name of this bold beauty that stands tall and lifts its head to the sky.  When they are done, I dry a few to use in fall bouquets.

The discovery that always brings a smile is this one that stays hidden

jack in the pulpit 2keeping the jack in the pulpit that lives inside a secret.

At the same time I see beauty and the promise of what is to come, I notice all the work that needs to be done in the yard.  That’s always the case, but there is plenty of time to get it done.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


29 thoughts on “First Glimpses

  1. So beautiful – A welcoming party!

  2. Your Maine garden is beautiful.

  3. Welcome to your northern home!

  4. I have those tall purple flowers too and never thought to dry to use them. Ours have bloomed and died now for the season, but I will use that tip next year!!

  5. That is amazing that you can have such a garden when you aren’t there full time Linda, but I guess everything is dormant in the winter. What wonderful surprises greeted your arrival!

  6. What gorgeous flowers! With these beauties, who would notice any weeds or deficient areas of your yard? 🙂

  7. the tall ones are called agapanthas (sp?) and they grow like weeds here in southern california. Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden.

  8. Such beauty… I love all the colors, textures, and clarity you’ve captured. It’s the next best thing to enjoying these blooms in person. 🙂

  9. 🙂 So pretty!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a very HAPPY day 🙂


  11. Gorgeous Lulu! I love spring flowers! Do you spend the entire summer in Maine? I have never been to Maine before!

    1. Yes, we’re here May-early November. You’re missing a special place so you need to include Maine in your travel plans.

      1. Wonderful Lulu! Yes, Maine has been “on the list” for so long Lulu. Most of our travel in the US is so focused and oriented on where our extended family is. Sometime I’d like to take a trip to Maine. So many places I’d love to see! I know Maine is supposed to be very very beautiful.

  12. The tulips stole the post for me. 😀 But I bet the hydrangea would be lovelier once it blossoms.

    1. I was very excited to find the 🌷 still blooming. Hydrangeas,the first of the season, are starting. There will be several more varieties to follow.

  13. So beautiful, Linda!!!!! Especially the peonies!!! How is your leg??? Danni


  14. Maine is my heart home too! I love your descriptions and photos!!

  15. Linda, my spring-time blooms seem like they were months ago, and yours in Maine are just beginning! Beautiful captures of spring’s renewal!

  16. entertainingwomen June 11, 2017 — 1:30 am

    My peonies are through blooming, and my Annabelle hydrangeas are flourishing. I loves how Spring chooses when it will come to each of us. She can be rather capricious, I think. Cherry Kay

  17. what a wonderful floral homecoming!! And just in time!!

  18. Beautiful photos, Linda! How wonderful it must be to get to experience spring in Houston and again in Maine. Hope you and Phil have a great summer!

  19. Love the photos. Your story doubles my appreciation of living in Maine.

    1. How lucky we are to enjoy this beautiful place.

  20. It’s so nice to relive Spring as our temperatures are now in the doggone 90s! Your flowers are beautiful! Enjoy them!

    1. The heat is why we’re here and not in Houston.

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