Flowers As Art

Beautiful floral arrangements are works of art, particularly when they are created to meet a challenge such as that demanded by Florescence, an annual themed flower show in Houston. For two days the entries are displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts where huge crowds marvel at the astonishing creativity. 

 With so many of you interested in tablescapes, how could I not share these with you!  The arrangements  were to depict a dining experience at an exotic destination on a functional table for two. You may not find every element of the tablescape to be practical, but there is inspiration on each for our at home tables.

This is a very formal table with layers of textiles complementing the gold accents on the stemware and china.

Unique features are the unexpected use of orchids on the candlestickand the fish jumping into bowls filled with iridescent baubles.

As with the first table, a tall arrangement is the focal point.   I couldn’t help but think of sitting at either and wanting to move the arrangement to the side.

Two things, the teacup as a containerand a natural leaf secureing the napkin, are features  worth remembering.

This table is all about fun and thanks to the clever arrangement I could almost forgive its size as a centerpiece.  The use of pattern and color is consistent in every detail

right down to the elephants suspended at the layered corners.  What sets this table apart is its touches of whimsey.

Here pattern is key,and the layered textiles define the color palette used in both the flower selection and tableware.  

Overall, this is a simple table made warm and inviting by color and texture.  Did you notice that the floral arrangement is on the side?

So, there you have it, four different looks.  Keep in mind that in each case the table is secondary to the floral design. As beautiful as they are, the arrangements are a bit overstated for an at home table, but there are wonderful ideas for presentation and flower selection. Hopefully, there is something on each table that would translate to your personal style be it flower selection, color combination, the layering of cloth, the mixed textures or touches of whimsey.   I’d love to know your take away.

  i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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22 thoughts on “Flowers As Art

  1. Oh, heavens to murgatroid….the textiles!!!!!!!! The flowers are fabulous, too!!!!

  2. Linda, I can see your talented tablescapes fitting right in with these master settings. They are BEAUTIFUL. I would love spending the whole day just browsing around for ideas. Great photos!

    1. You would have loved seeing all the arrangements. There were a lot of take aways.

  3. So many unique tablescapes! Thanks for sharing them with SYC.

  4. Fun and clever, but I wouldn’t want to carry on a conversation around some of the creations. 🙂 –Curt

    1. Agreed! I’d be moving it aside in an instant.

  5. Oh how I would have loved to be there!…Love those tables, especially the amazing whimsical one..great color, detail, beautiful and fun!!!

  6. What a FUN post! I agree that floral arrangements are works of art. All of these are beautiful. Yes, some are a bit overstated, but I’m a big fan of go big, or go home! My favorite table, though, is the last one. It is so warm and appealing. I love the boho look, all of the layers fabrics on the table, the double napkins, and great napkin rings. I would love to dine here.

  7. entertainingwomen April 30, 2017 — 1:05 am

    I love the scalloped plate topping the Royal Crown Derby Olde Avesbury. Makes me want to add them to my collection…some day. I enjoyed the abundance of inspiration here. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  8. You are right about being inspired from these tables. Each table has a couple of elements that inspire me. I love the mixtures of colors and patterns. Thanks for sharing them!

  9. What an inspiring event. What I take away is not to be hesitant in adding more to a table setting and mixing up designs and color. I do like that natural leaf idea. Have a great weekend.

  10. Beautiful flowers. So whimsical 🌷

  11. Wow, very unique…all are beautiful. I especially like the turquoise one, so tall and stately. Thanks for sharing these works of art, Linda.

  12. Would have enjoyed seeing these in person, so thank you for the vicarious experience. Each is unique and facinating.

    1. It would have been great fun to have you with me!

  13. Looks like this was so much fun—-I especially like the use of the cup as container and oh, when will you use an umbrella for one or your tablescapes!!!😀

    1. You would have been blown away by all the beauty in this exhibit.

  14. Linda, thank you so much for sharing! These are stunning tables using color, pattern, and texture. I spy inspiration to use at home!

    1. Yes, lots of ideas on those 4 tables.

  15. What a fun show to be able to attend! Such creativity and talent!!

    1. I was impressed to say the least. The rest of the show was equally as impressive.

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