Beasts, Birds & Fish

I never know what is going to inspire a table setting.  This one, I think started with seeing a red, red robin bob, bob, bobbing in the fountain.  That made me think of bird topped cloches and birdhouses, all sitting on a bright orange silk runner from Vietnam that repeats the colors of spring flowers.

From here, everything takes on a life of its own. Placemats from Thailand trimmed in orange and green provide a neutral background for whatever dishes are chosen.

Though I have little bird napkin rings, I chose these carved wooden ones from Kenya. After all, beasts and birds do one another no harm.

As I’m putting this table together, my mind is thinking about what food to serve.  I decided on fish, salmon in fact because it fits right in with the color scheme.  With that decision made, choosing plates was very easy.  

As an afterthought, I changed the wine glasses from the etched ones to the orange globed ones that I seem never to think about except at Thanksgiving.  They add just the right amount of color and are a nice contrast to the textured Fostoria water glasses.

The beasts, birds and fish have no trouble coexisting, and for me the table represents some of what I like best about spring as well as brings back memories of places I’ve traveled.  It will be fun to share with the friends who are coming.

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Tablescape Thursday

14 thoughts on “Beasts, Birds & Fish

  1. How delightful! Love these beautiful table setting items from so many different places. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Amy. Using what I have is what makes table setting so much fun.

  2. Such an adorable table. I am in love with your fish plates, those are so cute.

  3. What a wonderful table! You certainly always set a table with the most amazing and interesting things and themes…so love the napkin rings from Kenya!…Love seeing how you blend your treasures from all over the globe to create a beautiful table that certainly peaks the interest of your guests!

  4. Your tables are always so unique Linda and seem to tell a story…this one speaks to me of exotic lands…lovely!

  5. I love this, Linda. So many treasures from your travels, I assume. My favorites are the napkin rings. I have those same fish plates and have never used them. The shape of your orange stems reminds me of a fish bowl – perfect with your fish plates. Love the added orange, too. Happy day to you!

    1. A fish bowl…I like that! The fish plates aren’t my most used, but I’m happy to have them when we have anything seafood.

  6. Love a table with a theme! And parties with a theme. 🙂

  7. Linda, as always your table settings are so interesting. I love that your travels are represented and the silk runner from Vietnam is exquisite!

    1. The other side of the runner is even better as it has beautiful embroidery.

  8. Always fun!

  9. So lovely and very creative, Lulu. 🙂

  10. Pretty tablescape! I love the orange color too and the birds!….Christine

  11. Love it all, especially the orange tones, one of my favorite colors. Setting a table is so pleasant. Enjoy.

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