Taste of New Zealand

I read a few days ago that applications from Americans for temporary residency in New Zealand are up by 70%. I won’t go into the reasons why I think this is true, but I will share with you some of its appeal.

It is a beautiful country

with lots of opportunity for outdoor activity.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are snow capped mountains 

and glaciers with runoff that turn rivers a stunning blue. Meandering through the mountains, the water reminds me of an abstract painting.

There are sheep farms

and orchards

and friendly people descended from the Mauri tribe native to New Zealand.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are numerous vineyards making, among other blends, outstanding Sauvignon Blanc.

No matter where you might choose to have that glass of wine or just sit back and relax, you can count on having a beautiful view.

Hmmm, now that I think about it, New Zealand might not be a bad place to be.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

31 thoughts on “Taste of New Zealand

  1. Spot on with your list, it’s a very appealing country to live in, one of the many reasons I haven’t left!

  2. Awesome pictures !

  3. Excellent recipe. Looks delish! I’ve followed you as your page is very inspiring. I hope you do the same, as you may find mine the same, I practice naked cooking like jamie oliver, I’m conducting the half-blood princess project.

    1. Thank you. I look forward to what you share.

    2. Oops, there’s no recipe on that page!

      1. Oops I got lost in your page lol so many great posts

      2. Oops I got lost in your site lol great posts!

  4. Would that be temporary residency until, say 2021? Actually, this is anothe place I’ve always wanted to see.

  5. Linda, New Zealand is on our short list of places we want to go…maybe next year! Your pictures are stunning

  6. emilyshomecookedkitchen March 29, 2017 — 5:08 pm

    Love this, I’ve always wanted to go.. it’s on my list ! amazing culture, history, would really enjoy the thermals! And skiing ..!Maybe for my old bones! Apart from the brilliant great country to visit.. and beautiful blog 😊

  7. What a most beautiful place..loved your gorgeous photos…would love to visit there one day!

  8. New Zealand remains one of my most favorite places I have ever been. I haven’t been there since 2002 but I dream of going back.

  9. Linda, as you know we were there recently. I thought both islands were beautiful. We made sure that we went inland from each port and found that the terrain changed with each port. I really liked the north island but my favorite was the south because of the fiords and especially Milford Sound, which is actually a fiord.

    1. I know you had a wonderful trip exploring some of what NZ has to offer. We also preferred the south island.

  10. We were just talking with friends about how beautiful New Zealand is and it doesn’t hurt that they make terrific wine. 😀

  11. Beautiful scenery. My in- laws loved their two visits there. I would love to go but that long plane ride gives me pause.
    You look so happy and cute. Glad you had a great trip. Will you be sharing more? I hope so.

    1. It is a long plane ride but well worth it.

  12. It would be great to visit New Zealand and Australia. Nice photo of the two of you with the wine barrels!

    1. It’s a long way but well worth it.

  13. That photos make me want to pack my bags and head out! What a beautiful country.

    1. If you ever have the opportunity, just go. New Zealand is a wonderful place to visit. BTW, I always appreciate hearing from you.

  14. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting NZ twice, but it’s been almost 30 years – I’m overdue for another visit. (but not for temporary residence, despite the craziness in the US.)

    1. I agree that a visit is all that’s necessary.

  15. It’s gorgeous, Linda! Lucky you, visiting that beautiful area. 🙂

    1. New Zealand is one of my all time favorite trips.

  16. I’m visiting New Zealand from America in two weeks! Cannot wait! xo ❤

    1. You will love the adventure.

  17. Still on our bucket list!! This whets our appetite, for fire!!! Hugs, Carol


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