Things Change

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShortly after we married, the hubby and I bought a house in a small town that is smack dab in the middle of Houston.  At the time, the neighborhood had grown old.  Houses were mostly bungalows with a smattering of two story homes, most of which needed updating.  The majority of lots were 50×100.  

Along the way something happened.  Houston grew and grew making close in property more and more valuable.  That meant that in our little town old houses gave way to bulldozers

West Uand were replaced with big new ones.

Surprisingly, the house we lived in for 20 years stayed standing, but last week that changed.  Like all the others around it, it came down.

P3021528In a matter of minutes it was rubble, and the hubby and I had moments of nostalgia as we looked at the home that held so many memories.  The two of us had totally remodeled the house over a five year period.  We did all the work except for the sheetrock and floor tile in the space we added.  Looking back, we marvel at the energy we had and remember how proud we were of each step forward.

P3021524The house may be gone, but what didn’t come down is the sweetgum tree we planted the first year we had the house, and we laughed as we remembered its story.  It was to be a birthday surprise, but it was spoiled by the assistant who answered the phone when I called the hubby.  “Oh,” she said, “he’s not here.  He went to get your tree.”  When he came home with it, I tried to act surprised, but laughter overcame me and I had to tell him he had been foiled.

By the time we had kids, the tree had grown enough for it to become the climbing tree for every kid on the block. I can see them now and hear their young voices as they nestled in the limbs.  You know, things change, but the memories we hold dear stay with us.

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27 thoughts on “Things Change

  1. They have changed. Esp my waist line.

  2. Great post and loved the memories you shared!

  3. Oh, Linda, I love this story! Look what you did to make that first home really special. I can just only imagine what it looked like on the inside!! Memories! Such pleasant memories!

  4. That must have been hard to see it torn down. I watch a tv show (Texas Flip N Move) where they move homes slated for tear down from neighborhoods that are replacing the old with new.

  5. Oh my….your little house gone..the girls were babies….I remember it so well.. Bye house and thank you. Aaaah impermanence

  6. Remembering the Sweet Gum tree. One day I was standing across the street on my front porch looking for my child, a charter member of the Tangley Street Gang. I saw the sweet gum branches at the very top begin to shiver and shake. Then down down down down the shaking went till a bundle of ? hit the ground. Upon closer inspection I realized it was my son. Flynn Dodds. He stood up, manfully shook it off, and shakily stumbled home across the street to 3613 Tangley. He had a permanent sweet gum memory as did I.

    1. How lucky there were never any broken bones!

  7. What a lovely story…so glad the tree still stands. 🙂

  8. So sweet! Yes where does all that energy go?

  9. There is nothing as special as your first house.

  10. Love this story of change and memories and the sweet nostalgia. Blessings, Carol


  11. Wonderful memories to share.

  12. 😢ohhh wow. My house. My tree. Goodbye 3614.

  13. How special that tree, and all the memories. We had two oak trees in front of our 20+ year house where we watched our children grow …along with the trees. I used to LOVE to listen to the sound of our neighbors’ cars driving over the acorns that fell on the road just past our front yard, pop pop pop. Now we’re in a temporary house, a place between two homes (or so it feels), waiting for our next 20+ year home, and this transition thing is no fun at all, but things do change and we must move on, holding on to memories …and hope, always hope.

    1. Moving on is what allows us to make memories.

  14. Wow! Sad to see your old home demolished, but you get to keep the memories.

  15. At least you have your wonderful memories. We built this house 4 years ago. The house we left we had been in for almost 30 years. We built it also and did MOST of the work ourselves as well. My hubby even built all the vanities, 2 bars, the whole downstairs etc. We also landscaped our 1 and a third acres with tons os love. We even had garden tours at our home. Though it hasn’t been torn down, it is now sadly neglected and breaks my heart if I drive by. But, like you, we have all those great memories. Thanks for sharing your story.

  16. What a great story, Linda and beautiful memories!

    1. And every day we create more memories!

  17. Wonderful story!

  18. Ahhhh, the memories!

  19. What a great story. Great that you have photos to remember. I want to know about your house that got you elected as mayor that you mentioned a while back.
    My husband’s aunt and uncle have the smallest and oldest house in their neighborhood. They are blessed to know their property bought long ago will help finance their aging needs when it is needed. People knock on their door interested in their property quite often.

    1. Yes, they are in a good area which gives them security.

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