A Happy Accident

My drawing skills are nil, but I’ve always enjoyed blending colors and thinking in terms of design possibilities.  It took me many years, however, to find my creative niche and that was thanks to an industrial psychologist for whom I was doing temporary work.  It was he who said my underlying need to be creative was going to be the source of much frustration if I didn’t yield to it.  “But,” I said, “I’m not creative!”  By walking me through a series of questions, he proved me wrong and from that day forward I feel that life has been one great exercise in creativity.  

WeavingHow weaving came into the picture is a happy accident.  At my girls’ elementary school auction someone donated 6 weeks of weaving lessons which no one bought.  Somehow I ended up with those lessons, and they opened the door to a whole new world.  I never dreamed anyone would want to buy anything I made, but from the beginning that proved not to be true.  

Early on, I concentrated on wall pieces and created large installations for several Houston office buildings and banks.  I won’t go into all the reasons why, but it didn’t take long for me to figure out that wasn’t going to be my direction.


While trying to determine my next step, I remembered that as a child I loved designing paper doll clothes, mixing patterns and colors in unique combinations.  That led to weaving cloth for garments, and I was thrilled by the results. My first piece was a vest which I sold right off my back.  That led to years of designing one-of-a-kind wearables for clients who valued my work as a means of expressing their uniqueness.

flowers/tablescapeThere were many wonderful moments during that period, but several years ago I burned out on cutting and sewing and began working with designers to create blankets, table linens, accent pillows and yardage for dining room chairs, piano benches, stools, etc. Such work gave me incredible design freedom.


At the same time, I began focusing, too,  on fashion accessories such as scarves and shawls.  


These have allowed me to satisfy clients who appreciate having a distinctive piece.

caleb-1-2I never would have dreamed that weaving would become a vocation.  It is certainly not one that ensures upward mobility or a hefty salary, but it feeds the soul and becomes a means of self expression.  For that I will ever be grateful.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

35 thoughts on “A Happy Accident

  1. You are an incredibly talented person and I love,love,love your weavings, your tablescapes, your party menus and your blog in general. I hope you are feeling better everyday! Mary in Colorado

    1. What a very kind complement that has brightened an otherwise gloomy day.

  2. As much as we all enjoy your posts on tablescapes, recipes and your travels, it is nice that you have been sharing the story of your weaving. A very talented lady…that is for sure. Hope you are making progress in the healing department, take care.

    1. I just sent you a message and here you are! Healing is coming along albeit slowly which means I’m getting a little restless.

      1. I know where you are coming from after having lived in a cast several times. Hang in there and just think about your wonderful upcoming trip.

  3. So interesting to hear your journey Linda, it’s amazing how one step in a new direction can take you to so many places. Your creations are stunning!

    1. Thank you, Jenna. You can’t imagine how grateful I am for the door that opened.

  4. Linda, your creativity is amazing! I loved reading how it all began…very inspiring story. The pieces you shared are truly stunning!

    1. Thank you, Pam. I think you can see why I so love color and texture.

  5. This was a wonderful coincidence , to meet that psychologist!!!! For you really have a lot of creative talent and patience , too ! I love the colors and patterns you use!

    1. Maybe I would have discovered my creative outlet, but he made it much easier.

  6. Oh that serendipity again….who knew that those lessons would result in you having a wonderful passion for creating beautiful woven pieces of art! Love that gorgeous jacket/coat in the first image. i can just imagine your beautiful creations hanging in those buildings. You are fortunate to have stumbled upon what has become something that you love to do and create. How rewarding that must be!. Oh, must say that I loved playing with paper dolls….such a lost form of play and imagination!

    1. I am very grateful otherwise there are a lot of doors that wouldn’t have opened.

  7. What a blessing that those ‘random, accidental’ experiences have led you to fulfilling a passion/vocation of, (‘YES’!!!!), creativity extraordinaire! What fun for you and your lucky friends who have one of your originals! Hugs, Carol


    1. You know it may have started with macrame when I started weaving threads into open spaces.

  8. This has been a wonderful post!! Love your work and what an awesome hobby. Tina

    1. Weaving has definitely had its rewards.

  9. I loved seeing and reading about your weaving experiences. The pieces you have shown are exquisite. You are extremely gifted in many ways.

    1. Thank you, Bonnie. In the story are untold hours of sitting on a bench!

  10. Lovely pieces… Congrats… I began my creative quest after 50 and even though it will not provide enough to live with, I still love doing it…

    1. You know, it’s never too late to discover creativity. We all have it.

  11. Wow.. you crafty lady you.. those creations are amazing.. well done Linda..

    1. Thanks, Jean. It’s been a good ride and you can see why I’m so drawn to textiles.

  12. I loved reading your history and how you got started. It’s amazing the roads we find ourselves on. Did you ever dream you’d be blogging? I didn’t.

    1. You are right about the surprising roads we take. While blogging is a fairly new option for creativity, it’s a lot easier than weaving!

  13. I admire your openness to creative design. You obviously have quite a talent.

    1. Thanks so very much. The journey has opened lots of doors.

  14. That really is a blessing to be able to create in this way and that others can enjoy your creations, too. It’s hard to stop looking at that first piece you shared in this post. Stunning.

    1. I am so appreciative of the people who have supported my work through the years. That has been a gift.

  15. Loved reading how you became involved in weaving. A most interesting story and some beautiful creations!!!!

  16. Wonderful pieces and such vibrant colours!

  17. Beutiful

  18. How beautiful, Lulu! What a journey of weaving. Thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

  19. What a wonderful thing for you! I love your works of art!!!

  20. Wow! Your creations are really stunning, Lulu. A very happy accident indeed. 😃

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