Looking Back & Ahead

First, thank you for all of your well wishes in response to my last post.  They have great healing power.

Valentine tableIt just dawned on me that Valentine’s is a few days away.  To escape the crowds and avoid the hassle of finding a place to eat without a reservation, I started years ago making that a special evening at home for which the hubby is most grateful.

tablescapeThis year that won’t happen as I’m not quite ready for kitchen duty, but let’s take a look back at tables that helped make the Valentine meal special.

tablescapeMost years we’ve eaten at what we call the big table.  After all, it is a special evening.

tablescapeSometimes the table has a touch of elegance, 

tablescapeand Valentine’s is a perfect time to bring out those pieces  associated with people I love.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMore often than not the table is playful with those mixed patterns and colors I so like.

Valentine tableOn those February evenings when the weather is spring like and dove songs fill the air, we take advantage and eat on the screen porch, always a treat.

tablescapeNo matter where we eat or how the table is set, flowers help make it special

Valentine rosesand none are more special than the bouquet I get each year from the hubby.

No, there won’t be a dinner at home or a special table this year, but looking ahead to next week I have other plans that will give the hubby a night off from bringing me the evening meal.  Shhhh, don’t tell!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Tablescape Thursday

18 thoughts on “Looking Back & Ahead

  1. It’s fun to look back at these tables. Love the one at the big table with the crystal and roses.

  2. Well I do hope that however you spent the evening with your sweet Valentine that you both enjoyed it. Continue taking care of yourself…we are both thinking about the two of you.

  3. Beautiful Valentine table settings, Lulu. We’re going to a Valentine dinner/dance tomorrow, and I know it’s going to be really lovely. I must get some photos. 🙂 Get well soon, and enjoy your special bouquet. xx

    1. Were I able to walk we’d be going to a function tomorrow night as well. Have fun and shake a leg for me!🎼

  4. What a beautiful table setting! 🙂

  5. Linda, just saw your reply to Shirley…so sorry your surprise might have been blown. You know I love how you mix pattern and texture, you are a pro! I loved seeing past tables for Valentine’s Day! Be sure you take care of yourself!

    1. Thanks, Pam. I’m taking good care but getting a little bored.

  6. Even when you are limited physically in doing things for others let alone yourself you are still being that thoughtful generous self! I am sure hubby will love your surprise!

    1. The surprise may have gotten blown this morning when I answered the phone with speaker on and he was standing right there.

  7. Love the look back at previous valentine celebrations. You always make the table look special. Hope you are 100% very soon!XOXO

  8. I enjoyed your pictures from other Valentine tables you have enjoyed. I love how you combine colors and textures and it is always so you. No cookie cutter tablescapes at your house. They reflect your travels and creativity.
    You know, take out on a plain white plate would be nice with candlelight and wine. Don’t know what your surprise is but do hope you enjoy the day and hope your recovery is short lived.

  9. I haven’t gone up into the attic to get the Valentine bin. Don’t know if I will either. Love the special bouquet! 🙂 One thing we talked about doing after I read about it on another blog is trying out a recipe together for dinner that we have never tried before. When I suggested it last night Dear said Beef Bourguignon. Now we just have to decide if we want to cook on Tuesday or this weekend. Hope your surprise works out well.

  10. I am so sorry that you have been “sidelined” I think that is my biggest fear, not being able to do for myself if I get sick or injured. Your husband sounds like he is taking very good care of you! I know as creative as you are, the hardest part is sitting still! I really enjoyed seeing your tables of Valentines past, I have posted a Valentine table for 2 this year, but in reality, we will be having a birthday party for my son with my grandsons, and I’ve got to get creative and plan all that. I hope it’s not long before you are up and about-

  11. Glad you are healing well!

  12. Beautiful tables!!!! You are amazing!!! Sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery, but don’t rush it like my friend did. She ended up having to have a second surgery a year later! Take care!!!

  13. I love your colorful heart dishes! I have nothing in hearts but haven’t run across “the thing” yet. Yours qualify as “the thing”! I enjoyed the review of past Valentine tables, and I so look forward to hearing what you plan for next week. I know it’ll be wonderful for the two of you. Happy Valentine’s Day next week!

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