Lessons Learned

flowersThree weeks ago I had surgery to reattach an Achilles tendon.  I’d been told it would be a slow, somewhat painful recovery, and I tried to prepare myself without knowing what that really meant.  What I have learned is that it would be extremely difficult to go it without help, and I’m sure that applies to many situations that life sends our way.

The hubby has been fantastic leaving me alone only long enough to go work out or pick up what is needed from the grocery.  He has helped me do all the hard things like get to the shower.  He has brought me every meal which I can tell you he never expected to do.  He has kept all these electronic things that we depend on charged.  Most of all he has kept my spirits up, and that is a really big deal when you are helpless.

Always I’ve appreciated friends, but never more than now.  They have been more than generous with food and time and little happys to make me smile.  As a result, friendship has a whole new meaning and I am keenly aware that I need to work at being a better friend.

Quite honestly, I was very unprepared for being unable to do for myself so if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, here are some tips.

Be prepared.  Find out what equipment will be helpful at home.  There are all kinds of apparatus that make every day things easier.

Be in shape.  Laying around does nothing to strenghten your body so the time you have spent exercising will pay off.

Think about what you’d like to have handy….phone, books, computer, toiletries….and have them in place.

Be grateful.  No matter what the situation, find something to be grateful for each day.  It makes a big difference.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  The simplest things may be more of a challenge than you think and a helping hand is a gift.

Don’t try to tough it out.  There are days when it’s OK to admit that the going is hard and maybe shed a tear or two.

Finally, mind the doctor.  The goal is recovery and that will happen a lot quicker if you don’t change the rules.

I’m hoping all of you are well, but if you are going through a hard time, let me know and I will at least say a prayer for you.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

49 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Great advice. It’s in these situations that we learn the real meaning of “It’s better to give than to receive”. It’s hard to ask for help…so much easier to give that help that’s needed. I’m glad you are on the mend and that you are getting help.

  2. Oh boy! Three years ago someone ran over my left foot with a suitcase at the ATLANTA airport. Broke my kneecap cleanly in half. I was rendered totally helpless for months. Wheelchair. Untold pain. ( I am anti most pain meds unless it’s a solid 10)
    I found everything you said ,LULU is true. Mine was an emergency. No time to prepare. We hired help. Friends flew in.( even my Denver hairdresser). My husband was a saint. Icoukdnt be left alone, friends visited to save him and keep the house running.
    My surgeon said to me” you have an incredible life, this is a blip”. I had an attitude of total gratitude as it was ” temporary. ( 5 months)
    Being prepared would have been wonderful. Being in shape would have been incredible. That came after. Do what your surgeon tells you!!! I ate calcium rich food.
    Great advice. Friends were essential. Equipment was key! Get the best! ( pass it on perhaps) hire help!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing! It’s all true ❤😌

  3. So sorry you are going through this! Good tips and I think you are a great friend! You invited me for dinner and we didn’t even know each other lol!!!! Get well and come over to my house next summer!!!!

  4. Feel better, Lulu. I hope you heal quickly! I’ll take you up on that prayer. My dh who fought his way back from a stroke 25 yrs ago has been in the hospital for 12 days. He had a heart attack and hasn’t been on his feet since then ,too weak. Now he has a bone infection. I hope and pray the treatment works. Prayers for you too!

  5. Wow.. you’ve got a great man.. well done P.. and well done Linda.. on your positive outlook.. that’s the first step to wellness again.. ‘they say’.. x strength and prayers to you.. ps.. this boot is not a good look with a Punjabi outfit for India.. x get well quickly. xx j

  6. I’m so sorry to hear you’re not able to walk right now. That’s tuff, for sure! It sounds like your husband and friends are giving you reasons to be thankful and keeping you comfy as much as possible. I’ll say a prayer for your quick recovery. Thank you for sharing what you’re going through. We’re behind you, cheering you on!

  7. fortunately i found you unintentionally but am happy i got you. Thanks for sharing. On 5th Feb last year i was in the elevator after attending literary gathering and the soon i got in the elevator it collapsed. other people in the elevator didn’t even get a scratch luckily but i broke my both inside and outside ankles of right foot and shin bone. I was bed bound for 5 months. i followed the suggestions you have given 🙂 thanking God for more of bones would have broken. So i also believe that no matter what bad situation we are into we should remain thankful to Almighty and endure the pain gracefully
    wishing you peace, health and loved long life friend 🙂

  8. Praying for you this morning, Linda. Your list is very helpful for those who are going through a difficult season. Your husband and friends have taken great care of you. I pray that each day gets better as you recover!

  9. Linda such wise words that can fit a variety of situations….Rick has vascular dementia ,after 6 yrs of decline he is reaching the end of this journey,we are being helped by Hospice but I am his main caretaker…..many of your suggestions made me really think ….I will put them to good use in our situation……and Phil…..God bless all caregivers !

  10. With the good care Phil is giving you and your wonderful outlook on life, I’m sure you will progress nicely. Having broken my foot badly while living in our two-story house in New Hampshire, I could do very little. Mickey lost 15 pounds going up and down all the stairs in our house taking care of me, cooking, cleaning all while we were trying to sell our home. We are both lucky to have such caring husbands. You are in my thoughts.

    • I’m laughing about Mickey’s weight loss. P is experiencing some of the same and is amazed at how many steps he takes each day going back and forth to the kitchen and walking the dog.

  11. That sounds like a painful surgery to go through and recovering. Your advice is wise. It’s true how we tend to not want to ask for help and when we need to it’s hard. So glad to know your husband has been there for you. I hope each day is getting better!

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