Football and More

img_8592All the talk about and around Houston these days involves the Super Bowl to be played here Sunday.

img_8595Downtown Super Bowl Center is alive with activity and thousands gather to participate in the goings on and, perhaps, spot a celebrity or two.

img_8594From what I see and hear there is something for everyone be it art or live performances.

Office View HoustonAs exciting as all this is, there’s more to this big city than Super Bowl activities, and, hopefully, visitors will have opportunity to take some of it in.

Houston is a city of bayous designed for drainage, but they are also becoming sources for outdoor activity.  Buffalo Bayou is the largest, and it has recently undergone significant change.

These days folks can hike and bike,  kayak 

bbayou-4-e1462310177369or take a scenic boat ride on the bayou.

img_1652-version-2For sure, visitors will find lots of good eats in Houston as it is one of the country’s best foodie cities with cuisines for every palate.  One could eat here for a very long time without having to go to the same restaurant twice.

img_7776sA don’t miss is TexMex.  It doesn’t get any better than at any one of the many Mexican restaurants here.

MFAHFor quieter moments, a visit to one of Houston’s outstanding museums is a delight

img_1205-1as is a stroll through a nearby park.

As I think about it, there’s much that Houston has to offer, but with the emphasis on football some visitors  may not get an opportunity to experience it.  Come Sunday, if I open the windows it just might be possible to hear the noise of the crowd cheering for a favorite team.  For a few thousand dollars I could be there, too, but I’ll be watching on TV with plenty of chips and queso handy.   

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20 thoughts on “Football and More

  1. We used to travel to Houston often for my hubby’s business, but have not been there in a long while…love the City. I remember spending lots of time at The Galleria…:)

    1. You should come again but only when I’m here!

  2. I’ve been thinking about you this week Linda, wondering about all the goings on in Houston, heard traffic was challenging! I bet the food is wonderful!

    1. Traffic around the Super Bowl Experience was challenging, but overall Houston handled the mobs very well. The food is always good.

  3. Thanks for giving me a little snippet of Houston…I have been a couple of times and the food was excellent!

  4. Congrats to Houston on hosting the Super Bowl! Houston looks wonderful! I enjoyed the virtual tour of the city.

  5. Interesting sights you pointed out that I didn’t know about. I do know what nice restaurants Houston has.
    Best to Houston hosting the Super Bowl!

    1. So sorry not to have seen you when you were close.

  6. Houston is a beautiful city. I bet people there are happy to host the Super Bowl. Your images are wonderful.

    1. Thanks. Houston does a great job hosting big events.

  7. What a great advertisement for your city! I haven’t been to Houston in fifteen or so years, and even then had little time to see the city. I’d love to take it all in next time. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Well, come on and I’ll show you around.

  8. You’re a great ambassador, Lulu. Houston looks like a great place to spend some time.

    1. Thanks. For a big city, Houston is a good one. Lots of good sculpture here, too.

  9. Go Patriots!!!!!!

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  10. I was in San Francisco last year just before the Superbowl and it was all abuzz about the game, too. I’ll be at home enjoying good food in front of the telly, too.

  11. Nice article! We are in Texas, too. We were talking about coming out to see a baseball game this summer, so it is nice to see some other things we might enjoy doing!

    1. Come on! There’s lots to do and great food. Just don’t come in July/August!

  12. Sold! I want to come. What a great place, Lulu. I especially love the way the bayous are becoming leisure activity centres. And isn’t the Rothko chapel in Houston?

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