How Many Is Too Many?

bedroomWhen he turns back the bed, the hubby’s question is always the same.  “Is it necessary to have all these ****** pillows?”  

bedroom“Some of these suckers weigh enough to qualify as weights,” he goes on.

img_8553I smile to myself pretending not to hear and envision the bed looking like this

img_8554or this.

Now those looks don’t work for me, but maybe the rest of you should chime in on how many pillows is too many.

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26 thoughts on “How Many Is Too Many?

  1. I love lots of pillows on the bed…I have my usual, “sleep pillows”, 2 euros, 2 shams, 2 decorative pillows and one little accent in front…My hubby is used to taking off the pillows and truthfully does it so well…stacked neatly in a corner…he’s a keeper!….Love your bed and the beautiful artwork over it!

    1. You are such a pillow person so I can’t imagine you having too many! The art piece is of woven tar paper strips which explains its appeal to me.

  2. I like the last shot best although at home I have our two sleeping pillows and then five more decorator pillows. I may have to rethink this. 🙂

    1. Rethink to add more or take away?

  3. This got me going.. my husband Francois is the same Linda.. we’ve got our 2 x sleeping pillows each (4), though we each only sleep on 1 each, then comes the ‘layering’.. one on the top and one in front, both sides.. another 4, two in the middle of the mountain,.. then 2 smaller ones, on top of those two, plus my granddaughter gifted me back her first teddy I hand sewed, plus a doggie, plus a dolfin.. oh my! and at night .. they get flung far and wide! .. I love it! xx I wonder why it is that hubby’s dont like pillows?.. xx daily strength to you

  4. I agree completely—-a bed is not made properly unless it has beautiful, elegant, color-coordinated , inviting pillows that go on the floor at night (aka floor pillows) 😀😀. Seems all hubbys disagree 😀😀

    1. Ours end up on the floor but they hit the wall first!

  5. True confessions. I have lots of pillows that only go on the bed if I think some foreigner might venture into my top floor all by itself master suite. On those other days the bed does not get made. Do not judge me, please. 🙂 No complaints from Dear about pillows, though.

    1. Ellen, you are a funny girl! Foreign visitors are on their way if they can get into the country.

  6. I hope you don’t mind a dissenting voice. I like “or this” or perhaps one of the square pillows, too. We have 3 regular-sized pillows; one for him and two for me.

    1. I’m loving all our differences.

  7. I think all husbands are alike. I’m usually first in bed but if he is he slides all of them on my side! So I still have to move them. I like your bedroom. Everything looks great.

  8. I’ve heard this before by many. Men have no care of such things. I’m first in bed most nights, so I move the pillows. He’s last out in the mornings, so I come along later and put pillows in place. It’s comical when he does it. I guess he doesn’t complain too much anymore because he doesn’t have to do it often. But, he used to complain every time. I feel your pain!

  9. Oh too funny! I throw cushions off the bed nightly. Got rid of 2 large Frech Pillows. 3 more in closet can’t part with yet!!! They just look too inviting on the bed all day to be practical❤️

  10. Can you have too many, after all these years my hubby just takes them off every night and stacks them in a chair and never says a word…I think he just gave up!

  11. As many as you like.
    Love the look of your room, esp the art above the headboard.

    1. Glad you noticed the art. I’m a weaver so the woven strips of painted roofing material had great appeal.

  12. We only use one pillow each,but like the bed to look nice in the daytime, so have a few fancy pillows too which tone with the bedspread.

  13. Your bed looks perfect. We have this same exchange each night, but I’m keeping my 10. Good exercise!

  14. I like to be surrounded in pillows so have 6 standard pillows on our bed. I always have a pillow in a position I like instead of having to move around to “re-position” a pillow to my body. The man sticks to his 2 so the rest are mine 🙂

  15. The more pillows, the better!!!

  16. Hysterical !!! My husband too every night complains!!! lol I ignore him – love a ton of pillows – hate to tell you I have 14!!! On my king size bed here in DC

  17. I love the, lots of pillow look, but it’s too much trouble to move and find a spot for the extras every night.

  18. There is no such thing as too many pillows!

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