Nobody Does It Better

new-york-36Do you have a shop that appeals to you because of the creative way it is displayed?  For me, the hands down favorite is Anthropologie where a visit tickles my senses.

new-york-34And that’s not true just for the Houston store but for any I’ve visited.

img_2111-1No matter the season the shop windows are a delight.

img_2113Inside there is more with every display alive with color and texture.

Cookbooks are grouped with complementary items making it almost impossible to walk away without the book and a little something else.  Talk about impulse buying!

img_2096At every turn there is temptation

img_2105to say nothing about whimsey.

img_2107I’m crazy for birdhouses but have never thought to use them in quite this way.

img_1585Even the lighting used in certain areas creates a mood, and I can imagine myself curled up here with Pride and Prejudice.

img_2939When I wander through Anthropologie, I find myself wondering about the creative folks who come up with such eye catching and original ideas.  I sure hope they are having as much fun designing as I do looking.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Friday Favorites

26 thoughts on “Nobody Does It Better

  1. Thanks. Their displays are always my favorite. Living in the back 40 don’t get to Anthropology much so such fun to see your blog.

  2. If you have never been to Castelet, France, you would love the shop displays outside on the cobbled streets. A totally enchanting little village.

  3. A treasure of inspiration, for sure. I feel the same way at Pottery Barn. I want to buy the entire store, even when it’s totally not the style I have in my home. Thanks for sharing what inspires you today! 🙂

  4. When I travel to western NY I had the opportunity to visit this store and felt the same way. Who ever creates these displays must have one awesome home – hope they do anyway. They can come to my house any time they would like to create a welcoming atmosphere. Nice post!!

  5. Window displays and interiors are always a delight to one’s senses. Thanks for sharing the photos, all beautiful. I love the second one, messy yet mysterious.

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