What’s Ahead?

2017, a new year that has gotten here faster than I would have wished.  Now that it’s in place, like many of you, I’m wondering what’s ahead.  Is it more exercise, less food and drink, you know, the things we always swear to address?  Experience has taught me that resolutions are something I rarely keep, at least not all of them, so I don’t make them anymore.

img_8444Today, I was in Pier One checking out its Christmas sale.   Walking out empty handed, this sign caught my eye. Before pulling out my iPhone to snap a photo, I thought about the words and how they could well define my goals for 2017.  There’s nothing here that requires sacrifice, but that doesn’t mean there is no challenge.  That being said I’m going to start now incorporating these words into the way I live.  Maybe they will work for you, too.

Happy New Year!

24 thoughts on “What’s Ahead?

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  2. I have a sign in my house very similar to this hanging over a doorway that is used to enter and leave our house. It’s a great daily reminder!!

  3. I love that sign with the fabulous word of advice. I’m pinning it for a reminder.
    Have a great 2017 dear Lulu !

    1. Thank you. Let’s hope happy for all of us.

  4. LInda, I replied to your email. Hope you got it.

  5. Linda, words to live by! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2017!

  6. Great thoughts to aspire to. Thanks, Linda.

  7. Thank you Linda, this is the formula for a happy life! Happy 17!

  8. Excellent words to live by and not just for 2017.

    1. Now we just have to find out how difficult the challenge.

  9. Wonderful words of wisdom! I hope that you have a wonderful 2017.

    1. Thank you, Sheryl. I look forward to more of what you share.

  10. Perfect!…however, I know you already have that attitude!…You are a very happy and generous person! … You spread so much joy to others!!

    1. Goodness, Shirley, this is more than I deserve!

  11. Good words to live by. Happy New Year!

  12. I love these thoughts! Thank you Linda.

    1. We can remind each other of them from time to time.

  13. great words of advice…think I will try and find that sign as a daily reminder!

    1. I’m going to keep the photo handy as a reminder.

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