I am very lucky to live in two places: Houston, Texas and Rockport, Maine.  We have just returned to Houston and, oh, what a difference.  Many of those differences make reentry something of a challenge.

Office View HoustonHouston is big and with that comes lots of traffic.  

HoustonRight now I drive the freeways with my heart in my mouth, fearful of changing lanes and intimidated by 18 wheelers closing in urging me to speed up or waiting to pass me by.  

img_7502That is quite a contrast to Maine where most of the roads are two lanes with 50 MPH speed limit which makes driving a bit more leisurely to say nothing of being more scenic.

img_8259As different as it is, there are things I like about being in Houston.  High on the list is Costco where I always come out with much more than  I meant to purchase.  That was especially true on this first visit when having access to so much was overwhelming!

img_8314I like that Houston winter is green with lots of blooming things, the way Maine is in summer.  By the time we leave Maine, most of the color is gone and the landscape takes a break until spring when it reawakens.

img_8332Returning to Houston means going to St. Paul’s UMC, a church I’ve loved for many years.  I appreciate its timeless Gothic architecture, the peacefulness I feel there, the way it provides opportunity for discovering your own faith walk and that it is open to all people.


The best part of reentry is returning to my house in the area that has been home to the hubby and me since we’ve been married.  (One of these days I will have to tell you the story of how this house got me elected to office or at least how I think it helped.)

Rockport Pano 6X18

As different as it is, I enjoy the time we spend in Houston, but I must confess that I do miss waking up in the morning, turning my head and looking out on Rockport Harbor.

Rockport Harbor

No matter the season, no matter whether it’s sunny or foggy, I love the view, the activity 

winter/lobster boatsand the sight and sound of lobster boats going out for the day’s work.  The most I see upon waking in Houston is the fence that separates our and the neighbor’s property.

Despite their differences, I am lucky to live in Houston and Rockport, and each helps me appreciate the other a little more.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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12 thoughts on “Reentry

  1. Loved your comparison & I, too, would love to hear the story of your house and running for office.

  2. I love how unique your house in Texas is. But I am such a country girl, I’m not sure I could adjust to the city life very well!

    1. I like the amenities of the city, but as you know, I love my life in Maine.

  3. You couldn’t live in two more different spots…I definitely think you have the best of both worlds.

    1. In many ways, that is very true.

  4. I’d say you have the best of both worlds….Can’t wait to hear more about how the house got you elected to an office 🙂 Welcome back to Houston. Enjoy the weather!

  5. I am glad to know someone that has lived in Houston for a long time still gets a little rattled in the traffic.
    Loved seeing the outside of your house, Linda. Now, I can’t wait to hear the story about your house and getting elected to office.

  6. Welcome back to Houston. Glad you have things to appreciate in each of these very different places.

  7. You know I can relate to you in a big way Linda! Even though our 2 homes are only 4 hours apart, the difference in climate, topography, lifestyle and traffic is quite dramatic! I agree, when you have 2 homes, you appreciate them and the contrasts even more- I know what you mean about missing that water view…

  8. What a lovely post on two beautifully different places…I so enjoyed it! 🙂

  9. Oh that photo of Rockport Harbor!!!!!! 🙂 You are certainly blessed to have such wonderful places to live.

  10. What a wonderful life, Linda…living in two places and finding the joy in each!

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