Once Again

dahliasI’m crazy for dahlias, but no matter how hard I try to grow them they never do well.  Dahlias need lots of sun and my yard is shade challenged!

DahliasSo, I get my dahlia fix by making an annual trek to Endless Summer Flower Farm where  at least 250 varieties flourish.


They come in all sizes from small 


to medium


to almost as big as your head.


They are so perfectly formed and the texture so waxlike you have to touch the flower to make sure it’s not artificial.

And the colors….well, it seems they are limitless!

dahliasThere’s no walking away without a bouquet of these beauties

tablescape/dahlias & gourdsand no matter where they are used, they are perfect.  

I’m thinking next year I’ll try again to grow my own, this time in pots.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

14 thoughts on “Once Again

  1. So great photos of dahlias. Dahlias are great as a filler in the late summer border when other flowers have finished eg alliums, poppies etc

    1. You can’t beat dahlias for beauty.

  2. Linda, the dahlias are so beautiful! I have never tried to grow them, but I think I should!

  3. These Dahlias are exquisite!….I have not tried to grow them in the yard, just had them in pots on the front porch where the sun is abundant and the deer tend to stay away!

  4. OMG–one of my favorite places and favorite flowers! Regarding your shady yard, If you haven’t visited Fernwood Nursery and Gardens in Montville, it’s worth a trip next season for shade-loving/tolerant plant ideas. They have an interesting blog, too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the tip about Fernwood. I’m off to check their blog.

  5. Beautiful… I love them too, but I don’t do well with any flowers. Florida sun is way too hot for delicate things…

    1. One of the many things I’ve loved about being in Maine is that so many blooming things do well here. The same is not as true in Houston.

  6. How magnificent! And in every color imaginable!

  7. It would be hard to pick a favorite…..thanks for sharing your trip through the dahlias!!

  8. Absolutely beautiful.

  9. The dahlias are so beautiful and so diverse! I do not have any and asked to have some planted next spring. I must admit though that I know nothing about caring for them.

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