Once & Then Again

img_2247As hard as I try to hang on to summer, there’s no more denying that it’s fall when trees begin to look like this.

img_7514-1To reflect the changing season, warmer colors are in order and this runner brings the outside colors in.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is a perfect time of year to pull out the Johnson Brothers dishes and top them with napkins that pick up the subtle colors in the runner. Each napkin is held with my favorite handmade rings, each of which is a casting of an herb.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanks to the tree that inspired colors for the table, a casual setting is complete in just a few minutes.

img_7507Leaving the runner, candles and chicks in place made the next table a breeze.  I seldom find it necessary to start from scratch as it is fun to see how a tweak here and there can result in a totally unique look.    Here change is a different set of dishes which I so enjoy using because they remind me of a very special friend who gave them to me.

img_7508The leaf design suggested using black for accent. Easy enough with square salad bowls and napkins folded to make a pocket for the flatware.  

img_7511There you have it….one centerpiece, two tables.  The best advice I have for preparing an inviting table is to keep it simple and whenever possible use some of the same things again. And always, always have a good time expressing your creativity.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Tablescape Thursday

7 thoughts on “Once & Then Again

  1. I so love your tree inspired tables!…The color of that tree is magnificent!..and I agree with the first comment…your gallery of plates is just gorgeous…I love how you layered them!

  2. A lot of wonderful tips, suggestions, and ideas I can incorporate.

  3. Love both tables, Linda! So smart to keep it simple but classic!

  4. I have never decorated for fall, it’s just not a big thing here in Europe, but having seen so many wonderful photos on American blogs I felt inspired and I decorated with pumpkins for the first time!!! The results are over on the blog today.

  5. Gorgeous! I LOVE your plate gallery wall!!! ❤

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