Garden Beauty

sep-cruise_080908_1497Folks in Maine like their gardens, and from early summer through mid fall the landscape is dotted with color that my daughter describes as brave and outspoken.  Sometime during this period I enjoy going to Northeast Harbor to visit Asticou Azalea Garden.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s a treat to begin the adventure with lunch at the historic Asticou Hotel.

img_7377No lunch there would be complete without a popover, a trademark here and at the Jordan Pond restaurant in nearby Acadia National Park.

img_7360Lunch over, it’s a few steps to the garden which is as peaceful as the sign suggests it should be.

img_7359This time of year there are no azalea or rhododendron blooms. Rather there are layers of calming green textures and the beginning of fall color.

img_7364Listening in the quiet, I could hear the soft trickle of water passing beneath the lily pads, a few of which still wore their flower.

img_7361This day there was a light blanket of fog which created an air of mystery and contributed to the garden’s tranquility.  On a sun filled day, there is an entirely different energy here.

img_7369Other than a half dozen people the only visitor was a bee sipping nectar from one of the few remaining flowers.

img_7373Moving through this beautiful garden was like a walking meditation and for a few moments it was possible to just be.  That’s a special gift.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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11 thoughts on “Garden Beauty

  1. Such beautiful snaps. Lovely!

  2. There is something about the beauty about the fog … it seems to slow down the pace of life and gives us time to reflect … I LOVE those popovers at Jordan Pond….bought the pan and mix and
    enjoyed them at home too!

    1. So long as the fog doesn’t last for days, I very much enjoy it.

  3. The popover looks fabulous and the garden is just stunning.

  4. So relaxing…beautiful pictures!

  5. Linda, I sense the peace and calm in this lovely garden! Just being…now that is a good place to find yourself!

  6. What amazing garden to tour, they are all beautiful pictures! Would love to hav you share on my #OMHGWW if you can make your way there. 🙂

  7. Lovely and so tranquil.

  8. What lovely photos thanks for sharing. That last one is especially enchanting!

    1. A beautiful and peaceful place.

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