Porches and More

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith the weather warmed and pleasant, it’s a great time to move from indoors to out.

jQLJX78nX36lWhether open to a beautiful view 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAor screened to keep the bugs away

IMG_1368porches and outdoor spaces can’t be beat.

P3270133They are great for entertaining friends day


or night,

IMG_2366and nothing beats  dining al fresco with a cool breeze blowing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhile good smells from the outdoor kitchen fill the air.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt seems everybody likes porch time no matter how fancy or plain the space.

screen porchMe, I love it with a good book, morning coffee or maybe for a little afternoon nap when nobody’s looking.  How about you?

i so appreciate your visit and especially the comments you leave behind


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11 thoughts on “Porches and More

  1. What a gorgeous collection of porches, Lulu. I can imagine myself in all of them as each one renders a different atmosphere and mood. Magic!

  2. My beach porch is my haven, I spend much of the day there, reading, painting and watching the boats go by in the sea breeze, there’s no other place I’d rather be! I would love to have an outdoor room like the one you included that is lit up at night, that is very cool! There is something about being able to relax in fresh air that just feeds the soul-

    1. I spend hours on my porch no matter the house. In Maine many more people have outside spaces and much entertaining is done there. As you saw on the post they are all different.

  3. We have an enclosed porch where we practically live during the summer.

  4. I’m sitting on my porch right now. My porch is a refuge. I love the out of doors and to sit on the porch and enjoy nature with a ceiling fan and a cool drink can’t be beat.
    Love all your pictures. I recognized yours I think.

    1. My porches were first and last, the first in Maine, the second in Houston. The others are friends’ spaces that I also enjoy.

  5. These are great inspiration photos for my upcoming deck project! Thanks so much for stopping by Inspiration Thursday and sharing your beautiful photos!

  6. As a child we spent untold time on the front porch, Our home and both of my grandparents ‘ had front porches that ran the entire length of the house, one even wrapped around both sides. All had swings. To this day, I love spending time out side.

  7. I love all of those porches. We spend a tremendous amount of time out on our deck and at night on our front porch rocking and watching the night settle in!

    1. Like you, I love porch time.

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