Next: The Compound

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClose to Marburger Farm is The Compound, a new venue this spring.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have to confess it was my favorite, thanks to appealing displays and uncluttered spaces.  Also, there was no admission charge, but I’m betting that will change as it becomes more popular.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAgain, different ones of you came to mind as I browsed, and it would have been fun to have you along to see if my guesses about what you would like were right on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMaybe one of you bought this table that was being readied for shipping.  It is one I could imagine fitting a variety of decors.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd, how about this one?  I liked it so much I found myself wishing for a place to put it!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt appears that some vendors may be permanent at The Compound.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere were so many interesting and unusual things here that it was hard to leave without making a purchase.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy favorite was this unusual shaped bowl that was used for cheese making.  Once again the price kept me from buying!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShould you ever make it to Round Top, be sure to stop by The Compound if for no other reason than to enjoy the space and have a bite to eat.

i so appreciate your visit and especially the comments you leave behind

14 thoughts on “Next: The Compound

  1. Very nice! I would have loved that last blueish table myself. Enjoyed the experience. Thank you!

  2. I enjoyed shopping with you, Linda!

  3. Oh my… Where is this place… Lovely home furnishings…

  4. I wish this was down the road from me it’s looks wonderful x

  5. I agree! The Compound is a wonderful new venue for Round Top. It is a stellar place to shop. Anita @ Cedar Hill Farmhouse had a booth there last fall. I didn’t see her this spring, but we were on our way home when we stopped and didn’t have time for all the buildings. Loved the dealer selling the antique bamboo furniture that had been decopoged with designs. Did you see his space?

    1. Yes, I liked everything about The Compound. Anita did not have a booth this time.

  6. I’ll put that on my list. You chose some great things to show us.

  7. I know I will never get to Round Top or here so thanks for sharing the pics.

    1. You are more than welcome. Photos keep us from spending money!

  8. what a cool place, I would have had to buy something!

    1. I did buy a few things to give as Christmas presents. They were small!

  9. Maybe I should start a place like this….it makes my heart flutter just sharing in your pictures!!

    1. There were a number of things that made me think of you!

  10. What a lovely way to experience this. Thank you!

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