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Resisting Temptation

IMG_6040I should know better than to go into Pier One close to a holiday because there are always temptations for the table and I’ve sworn off buying anything more.

IMG_6047I managed to keep that promise this time, but I couldn’t resist looking.  How cute are the bunnies, and the bunches of carrots, well, I’m hoping they are on sale after Easter!

IMG_6038No matter how cute, I have to resist dishes these days because every possible shelf is full!  It was fun to imagine though how I would put these together for a fun tablescape.

IMG_6049The last thing to catch my eye was a pillow that made me think of all of you who decorate for every season and whose homes it would fit so nicely.

IMG_6002Feeling pretty good about resisting temptation, I stopped by Fresh Market to do some grocery shopping and what was the first thing I saw?  Yep, more goodies!  I’m not sure I’d want all that grass on a plate, but the presentation was festive.

IMG_6004What I really liked were these precious napkin rings.  Hopefully, grocery shoppers don’t pay too much attention to such things because if they are left and on sale after Easter, you can bet they will be mine!

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29 thoughts on “Resisting Temptation

  1. Since I don’t have seasonal dinners at my house any more I have definitely quit buying dishes etc just for a certain holiday. I miss that because it was always so fun to decorate a fancy table
    All those dishes have been sold in one of my many yard sales

    1. I’m kinda the same way as the only family dinner we still host is Thanksgiving. That helps me resist the temptations of other seasons.

  2. Adorable Easter decorations…I am faced with resisting temptation every time I go to work at Stein Mart, so many cute things there,

  3. Oh Linda, I hope those cute napkins and napkin rings are still available once the holiday is over. They are so cute and I know you could put a gorgeous table together with them. Love the napkins, too…so summery.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. I need to resist shopping for holiday goodies, but so far I haven’t been able to. I am currently admiring my Easter Village, complete with homes, gardens, a school, a church, mom and dad bunnies, little bunnies, etc., etc. is there a 12 step program?

  5. I’m trying to resist buying anything more for the holidays or the tabletop, but I admit that I broke down early in the season when Pier I had 20% off. A set of bunny plates came home with me. I had missed them last year, so when I saw that they had them again this year I decided to get them. Not expensive as they were sold in sets of four. I’m using them for dessert for Easter. The whimsey just makes me smile!

  6. Linda, I host all the holidays at our home, but I don’t need anything else, I have more than enough decor for each holiday! But, I always find a little something to add! Addicted…I guess!

  7. My sister has an irresistible collection of bunny rabbits that are strategically placed throughout her house all year round. At Easter, they are joined by another group of bunnies saved for the occasion. I’m in love with them all . . . best of all, when I see a bunny rabbit of any kind, I think of my creative sister.

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