A Winter Fix

Rockport Harbor/winterFor most of the 14 years we’ve had our house in Maine, I’ve come up for a few days by myself in winter.    A few days are enough as it is cold and night comes early.

dirt road winterI love when it snows turning Rockport into a charming winter wonderland.

IMG_5894This year, thanks to warmer temperatures, snow isn’t lasting long.  It melts or is washed away by rain.  What is revealed are the browns of grass and leafless shrubs that wait patiently for spring.

Maine houseNo matter the weather, what I like about being here alone is the uninterrupted time spent thinking my own thoughts, reading in a favorite chair or binging on Netflix.  There  may even be a day or two when I don’t bother to get out of my pajamas!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is a time to enjoy a girls’ night filled with giggles and stories that make us feel like teenagers.  And, yes, sometimes we really do gather in our PJs.

winterMaine is my place to be still, to breathe deeply and laugh a lot. My hope is for all of us to have that kind of special place no matter where or what the season.

i so appreciate your visit and especially the comments you leave behind 

20 thoughts on “A Winter Fix

  1. Maine sounds lively and anywhere with a possibility of snow sounds good to me!!

  2. Wonderful Linda…I love that you get a few days in winter and the pajama party is a great idea..even better with a few bottles of wine. Those Maine ladies know how to party! 😉

    1. The winter visit is just long enough though this year I missed the snow.

  3. Lovely post and pictures.

  4. Love this and your pictures as always are stunning!!

  5. The P.J. party looks like so much fun. Glad you had a respite and quiet time.

  6. It sounds wonderful! Just the sort of special place that I’d like. 🙂

  7. What a wonderful place….lucky girl:)

  8. Oh…I am all for pajama days! I’m glad you have this time to just be…

  9. Looks lovely in the winter Lulu! The PJ party looks so fun too!

  10. I love to escape like that too Linda, and I am a firm believer in pajama days!

  11. And what a very special place it is in every season. Enjoy your time up there enjoying your Winter Wonderland!

  12. Not warmer here, our snow stuck around till the black ugly stage. Surprised Maine’s snow melted. Looks like a fun time! It is like Maine here in winter, very peaceful and quiet till the summer people come back. Pros and cons, 🙂

    1. Rockport and Camden are very quiet but there is a year round population so all things don’t come to a complete halt. I enjoy my winter quiet.

  13. Love today’s post. I am longing to return to Maine, a quieter, less stressful spot. Enjoy your stay!!

    1. Maine is, indeed, my quiet place where I feel renewed/refreshed.

  14. Being alone with my thoughts in a spot as beautiful as that especially when surrounded by snow sounds heavenly. Enjoy your respite from the daily life and thanks for sharing!

    1. You can’t imagine how much I enjoy this time away.

  15. Linda, how wonderful that you can be alone with your thoughts, time to read, or binge on Netflix! Sounds perfect to me!

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