Hearts and Flowers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt didn’t take too many years of marriage to realize that if Valentine’s was going to have a romantic dinner it had best be at home.

While the hubby has many wonderful traits, thinking ahead to make dinner reservations for one of the busiest nights of the year isn’t one of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s possible he wouldn’t even remember Valentine’s unless he saw it on the calendar or someone reminded him.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen he would call and suggest we go out for dinner.  Good deal I would think, but when the time came we’d go first one place then another only to find out there was no room.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a couple of hours of being turned away, we’d go home, both of us a little irritated, for a bowl of cereal or on a good night a grilled cheese sandwich.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow we look back and laugh at those attempts as we enjoy dinner at home.   Sometimes it’s just the two of us, other times we have friends join us.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think the other husbands are quite happy to come here as it takes the pressure off them to plan a special night out.  For all of us, it’s an enjoyable evening in a relaxed setting with what is usually pretty good food.

No matter how you acknowledge Valentine’s, I hope it is just right.

i so appreciate your visit and especially the comments you leave behind


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28 thoughts on “Hearts and Flowers

  1. What a beautiful tablescape! This is so nice and I’m sure you had a very romantic dinner together. Thank you for sharing at Inspiration Thursday. Hope you have a fantastic week!

  2. Lovely table! The tulips and dishes are so pretty!

  3. I think your sweet husband is just spoiled with your good cooking so he pretends not to remember to make reservations in time. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Very pretty and colorful tablescape. I loved how the tulips stems made your centerpiece so airy and open. The combination of your whole setting looks very art deco to me…I love it! We stay home as well especially after having the same experience as you trying to find last minute accomadations, not fun. Joining you from Tablescape Thursday.

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you, also!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous table. Your story is all to familiar. I can relate.

    1. Probably many of us gals share the same story!

  7. The tablescape is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It is so fun and welcoming. I want to come to your house. 🙂

    1. There’s always room for one more!

  8. We stay home too. A quiet evening at home is just the ticket for us.
    Your table has your artsy flair and makes me happy.

    1. And you being happy makes me happy.😍

  9. We don’t try to fight the crowds on Valentines day. We have had some special meals at home. This year we have reservations for lunch tomorrow at a nice steakhouse close to us with easy parking!! Fun table decorations!

    1. Good idea to do lunch when things are not likely to be so chaotic.

  10. Linda, I think our husbands are twins! Your table is so pretty…♥ the placemats, they are gorgeous.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

    1. Thank you! I like the placemats, too, and chose glass plates to let the design show through.

  11. We long ago gave up going out on Valentine’s night. You table setting is charming. I’d love to gather here with good friends and share the evening. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  12. loving all these ideas, especially the lace pancakes. Ms Stewart is a genius.

  13. Just gorgeous, Linda, I can’t imagine any setting more romantic than what you created here!

    Paula B.

  14. LOVE this table Linda, the whimsical flowers and bright colors make for such a happy setting! Love the ceramic lovebirds goblet, that is fabulous!! I’m with you, Valentine’s dinner at home is much more fun! Great idea to invite other couples too!

  15. I’ve never been a big Valentine’s person except with my children. I’d much rather stay home and cook or do something as a family. This year we are heading to enjoy an afternoon Buffalo Sabres game and then a nice home cooked meal of Hawaiian Chicken I will cook in the crockpot! As always, love your table!!! Tina

  16. Hi, Linda! I agree with you, it can be so romantic at home (even with my kids around!) Very beautiful tablescape. Can I ask you where did you buy those white candle holders with the birds on the top? They are amazing! 🙂

  17. Linda, I can always count on you for a creative table! I absolutely love all the pattern and you mix it perfectly! We stay home, love the quiet! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  18. Staying at home for a romantic dinner sounds perfect to me.
    Very pretty tablescape!

    Happy Valentines’s Day!

  19. I love the fact that “old” love is so comfortable! Your table is adorable and I need that black and white striped glass!

  20. We agree with you….more romantic at home….plus we don’t have to leave our puppy.
    I LOVE this table arrangement…it may be my favorite….so fun.

  21. I see it an excuse to have a good time and enjoy a good meal on a weekday (most times) and doing that at home is icing on the cake. Neither my husband nor I approve of the commercial aspect of it , so there goes out the window the flowers and such. I love that quirky candle holder on your table.

  22. I love Valentine’s Day, Linda! Would so enjoy it at your house over a restaurant!

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