To Do or Not?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATumbling out of bed in the morning, it is left rumpled and mussed.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe duvet rests untidily on a chair.

Making the bed is not my first priority. No, I head to the kitchen for that first cup of coffee and then settle in a comfortable chair to read a favorite poet (Billy Collins) or have a few quiet moments before starting the day.

bedroomWhen I return to the bedroom to get dressed, that messy bed screams to be tidied and I spend the few minutes it takes to put it back together.  

bedroomAll done, the room takes on an aura of calmness.  I like knowing that tonight when I return to the bed the sheets will be pulled tight and the blanket smoothed.  Those are simple things that give me inner peace.

bedroomMay I tell you the hubby would be just as happy if the bed were not made and all the pillows did not have to be removed night after night!

How about you, where does bed making rate on your list?

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25 thoughts on “To Do or Not?

  1. For years, I came back and made the bed but now it is me who is always up first in the morning, so I told my hubby whoever is ip kast has to make the bed and thus it became part of his routine….90% of the time. I sometimes have to fluff a pillow, later, but the basics ate done.

    1. It’s amazing how different we all are when it comes to bed making!

  2. I get up so early, usually an hour before my husband does, that I have my coffee and quiet time, make breakfast and have more coffee, and then I make the bed. I cannot get in an unmade bed, everything has to be pulled tight and neat. My husband doesn’t care either way! Great post, Linda! I enjoyed seeing your lovely bedroom and reading all the comments!

  3. I am guilty of making my bed as soon as I step out, it makes the day officially off to an organized start so I can relax with coffee. My belief is that beds can never have too many pillows and that men will never understand this concept 🙂 Your bedding is beautiful!

  4. I’ve always been a bed maker. I couldn’t stand knowing the bed wasn’t made. But now that my husband has a swing shift job, he sleeps during the day and evening quite often so the bed is almost never made up anymore. I’ve gotten better at accepting the fact that it doesn’t have to be neat and tidy all the time. I just close the door and fight the urge to make it up, knowing that one of us will be getting back in it within an hour or two.

  5. Linda, what an interesting post! I’ve read all the comments and it was fun. I always made my bed every day for years. Then in the last few years I’ve taken on a new philosophy. If you want to make it great, if you don’t feel like it and might take a nap later don’t. It is quite freeing not to. It did help that my husband took a flying job that required he leave very early so he needed a nap around noon since he had already worked a full day. On those weeks I didn’t make the bed as much and that’s when I think my new philosophy about make or not make the bed started.
    Now he is retired. LOL!

  6. Beautiful bed!!….My bed is made pretty much as soon as my feet hit the floor….OR, after my first cup of coffee…I feel like my day will not start off right unless the bed is made…maybe it is something to do with my childhood…Could not leave the house unless the bed is made!…I think it was a “military” thing that my dad instilled in us….and then again, I love seeing a pretty bed!

  7. I like to make the bed so it looks pretty. The throw pillows are a little more effort yet I love the look of an inviting bed with beautiful bedding and throw pillows.

  8. I live by myself and the other two bedrooms are pristine; therefore, my bed rarely gets made unless I know someone may be visiting… My grandmother must be rolling around in her grave because she showed us not to leave the house without making the bed first…

  9. Oh the long lasting 16+ year battle of the bed. I can not sleep comfortably if my bed is not made AND made correctly. The sheets need to be perfectly fitted as if putting them on fresh from the wash. The down comforter must be even on all sides. I do not make my bed in the morning as I have no extra minutes to spare. I do make it before I go to bed each night. However the man usually beats me to the bed and by the time I arrive he’s fast asleep in a rumpled mess even after the many years of complaining! I suppose I could get up a bit earlier but every night I have the hope he will make it and now it’s become more fun for me to rip the covers off and make it while he’s trying to sleep 🙂 Relationship bliss lol

  10. I make the coffee and make the bed while the coffee is brewing. I ‘have’ to make the bed first thing in order to get going on any fun crafts I’m working on. 🙂

  11. Ha! My daughters and I were discussing the very same recently. One sided with me in realizing that her day would be RUINED if she had to leave the house without her bed made. I am in that camp too. My other daughter did not understand what all the fuss was about and finds it comforting to know she will slip into her bed just as she left it when she awoke. Sometimes I think she is from a different planet. 😉 Your bedroom is beautiful Linda and is that a Vietnamese piece that I spy at the foot of your bed? Lovely… Have a good one Linda! xx

  12. Love your color palate for the room, it is amazing. The art pieces on the wall above the bed are the most awesome eye candy.

    1. Charlie, you are so very kind with your comments and I am grateful.

  13. Definitely coffee first! But I ALWAYS make the bed at some point. Harvard lawyer / author Cheryl Mendelson wrote a housekeeping tome that I’ve devoured cover to cover twice and loved the spine off of. In it she describes a life-long war between her English grandmother who promptly made the bed upon arising and her Italian grandmother who promptly threw back the covers and opened the windows to air out the bed. I’m lots of English and probably not a bit Italian, but I throw back the covers in honor of her Italian grandmother and head straight for my French press knowing my sheets are getting a proper airing. Seems more sanitary to me. Making it up immediately is like turning around a long-haul plane in 90 minutes. Someone just spent 8+ hours sweating in that seat. Where you now will do the same and yield it to a third and so on till the plane goes in for a deep clean. If only we could throw open a plane for a proper airing.

  14. Since you asked so nicely I’ll confess. I never make the bed unless I know someone will be coming upstairs to use our restroom as in when we have lots of company and the main bathroom might be busy…

  15. I love the appliquéd quilt at the foot of your bed. So unusual! Billy Collins was one of the speakers at the Key West Seminar. Loved his poetry and readings!

  16. If my bed looked as lovely as yours I would make it every day as well. For me, it depends on my mood. Sometimes made right away, sometimes mid-day, sometimes not at all.

  17. I’m smiling because my bed is piled high with beautiful pillows also—-and must be made as soon as possible —-for that calm feeling as well . 😀😀😀

  18. In the morning busyness, when I’m getting ready for work and leaving the house around 7.45 am, I’m afraid I tend to leave my bed unmade. I know, it’s slatternly behaviour (to use an old-fashioned word). I must make more of an effort – I agree that it is nice to return to a neatly made bed. 🙂

  19. Your room is lovely! It’s so calming, and I think the pillows add just the right amount of color. My hubby hates the pillows, too. As long as we women are willing to fuss with removal and replacement everyday (or, like me, sometimes but not daily), they don’t have to complain about a thing! I like Margie’s rule a LOT, but around here, I get up first and the bed would never get made. A rule only sticks if HE makes it. Haha! Good thing he has many other plus points to make him a keeper. 😉

  20. The rule at our house is – last one out of the bed makes it! Now that my husband is retired, bed making is his responsibility. His idea of bed making is to fold all the covers half way down the bed, and pile the pillows at the top. He says he is ‘airing’ everything!

  21. Yes, for sure I like to make the bed.
    It starts the day off right and then makes for a nice ending to the day.
    It’s a good feeling and I just wish it counted as exercise 😉.

  22. I am one of those people that make the bed as soon as my husband is out of it! Even though sometimes he was planning on climbing back in…lol. I have always enjoyed the ritual of turning down the covers each night. I did that every night for my daughter and she now says she misses it but does it herself in her own home. She is getting married in May and it is nice to know that she has carried some of my homemaking traditions into her own home. BTW…love the artwork above your bed and how it coordinates with all those lovely pillows men seem to dislike so much.

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