Glass or Wood?

When it comes to choosing a dining table, there are thousands of styles which can make selecting a bit of a challenge.  Though there are many surfaces, the most popular appear to be glass and wood, and there are advantages to both.

Judy's tableWith its lovely burnished sheen, wood has a welcoming warmth.

54ea10f2bea85_-_cottage-character-kitchen-0215-xlnIt fits a variety of decors from farmhouse rustic

French country tableto French country

54eb61ff1b01e_-_the-real-deal-dining-room-0313-xlnto contemporary

101344921.jpg.rendition.largestto understated elegance.

So, what is the downside of wood?  It is somewhat hard to maintain as polishing a wood surface does require a little elbow grease.  Stains and blemishes are visible, and wood tables can make a small area fill a bit tight.  Finally, if it has a defined look it may be a tad difficult to change from one style to another with new chairs or accessories.

Glass has a number of advantages over wood.  There’s no worry about stains or spills.  They wipe right up and once the table is cleared, Windex and a soft rag has glass looking like new.  The real beauty of this surface is that it transitions easily from one look to another.

dining+room-1A glass top is incredibly versatile and complements  any style.

meadowmere+bungalow+by+nathan+taylor+for+obelisk+homeBy seeming to disappear, it shows off stunning bases.

get+attachment+3+aspxIt opens up spaces to make them feel larger.

I have both wood and glass tables, and I must confess to having a slight preference for glass not only because it is easier to care for but because I find I don’t get tired of it as easily.  Too, it gives me a sense of freedom that works well with my desire to change things around from time to time.

Well, that’s my take on wood and glass.  What do you have to offer?

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17 thoughts on “Glass or Wood?

  1. My thoughts are from my housecleaning business days. It was hard for me to make the glass top look good without some smudges here or there. I was kind of a perfectionist when I was being paid for my cleaning. Glass tables are beautiful!

  2. With 5 young gkids I say no to glass. Why? Because you have to clean the under side of the table too! I used to babysit for a family with a glass table. It always looked dirty cause the kids would touch the underside. Maybe for an adult family it would be ok. Just my h o😊

  3. I love glass tables and have had four during my married life as coffee tables. Currently am using two of them. My dining room and kitchen table are wood. I think wood and glass mix very well in a room. I guess I like having both.

  4. I have a wood dining table and some glass tables in my living room. The glass is new in the past few years as my kids got bigger. I really appreciate being able to actually have glass again. Someday I’d like to try a glass dining room table.

  5. I am so a wood girl. Glass, no matter how it’s decorated or set up, reminds me of a contemporary look and feel. I have no contemporary bones in my body unfortunately. Give me a beat up, stained, old rustic country wood table and I feel right at home. Great post and beautiful pictures!!

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