Family Perfect


Trying to find an adventure to share with a daughter’s family which has three little boys 4, 5 and 6 is something of a challenge. After thinking and thinking and thinking some more, a Disney cruise provided just the right answer.

IMG_5529From start to finish, it was perfect for the entire family.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe boys were a little worried about being away from home on Christmas, but they need not have feared.  The Disney Wonder was fully decked out for the season.

Special treats were plentiful

IMG_5543and Santa was right there on the ship listening to all good little boys and girls.

Favorite Disney characters greeted children at every turn,

IMG_5590and there were activities from swimming to dancing on the deck to movies to kids’ clubs to spa….well, you name it, there was something for guests of all ages.

IMG_5578 (1)And, if some quiet time was desired, there were places for that, too.


If you can believe it, the crew even found a way for an exciting fireworks display over the open sea!

IMG_5520Aboard ship no detail was overlooked.  Accommodations were comfortable, food offerings satisfied every appetite, meal times were well organized and the crew  friendly and ready to meet every passenger’s need.  I guess it should come as no surprise that Disney knows how to entertain and do it right!

IMG_5588All in all, the cruise was a perfect way to spend time with family and the four days from Galveston to Cozumel was just long enough to keep the boys entertained.  I’m thinking it was also an adventure to be remembered.

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38 thoughts on “Family Perfect

  1. I LOVE Disney Cruises! We are going on one to the Caribbean this Saturday and I can hardly wait! My husband and I would love to be on one on Christmas Day, I bet that was magical!

    1. It’s a fun adventure and you will be well taken care of.

  2. Happy New Year Linda, glad a good time was enjoyed by all, you are smart to let Disney do the entertaining, they are the best!

    1. Right you are about Disney being the best, and the cruise was a lot easier than Disney World.

  3. Disney knows how to entertain.
    And wonderful memories were made.
    Happy New Year

    1. Thanks for all your helpful hints.

  4. What a great idea for a Christmas adventure! Looks wonderful!

    1. You might want to consider a Disney cruise with your little sweetie. She would love it.

  5. What fun!

  6. So glad you all enjoyed the Disney cruise. We took our grandkids when they were 6 months and 4 years. Everyone had a blast!

    1. Amazing how entertained all ages can be.

  7. WOW! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend time with family!! I’d love to take a trip like that in the future!

    1. You nailed it! I hope something similar works out for you in the future.

  8. You are definitely top grandparents, that’s for sure….:)

    1. Well thank you, Roger. Now if I could just take food photos!

  9. So glad the cruise was enjoyed by all. Will forward you post to Vicki. I love the picture of the boys looking out at the sea! What special grandparents you are to give a gift filled with so many wonderful memories!!!!

    1. Vicki did a great job getting us squared away, and we will happily recommend here to anyone interested in a Disney cruise.

  10. 👍🏾

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  11. Wow if this wasn’t the best. Lulu those little boys will forever remember this special Christmas, I suspect the adults too! Happy New Year!

    1. I look forward to what you “see” and share on canvas/paper in 2016!

  12. Linda, looks like sweet memories for three little boys! I believe you had a great idea!

  13. Oh how fabulous Linda.. wow. memories of a lifetime for sure.. well done! All the best for 2016.. continue to make your dreams happen. x j

    1. Thank you, Jean. One of the things I hope will happen some year is having us meet.

  14. Rosemary bacter January 4, 2016 — 3:31 pm

    Rosemary Baxter

  15. Glad the cruise lived up to it’s reputation of being entertaining. The ages of the boys 4, 5 and 6 are perfect Disney fun ages! Happy New Year!

    1. Entertaining indeed! Disney has had lots of practice.

  16. The look so cute standing at the railing…great idea for a gift, too!
    Wishing you all the best of 2016, Linda.

    1. The trip made Christmas shopping very easy. Here’s wishing you a wonderful 2016. I so appreciate you, Marigene.

  17. It looks like such great fun, something to consider for 2016.

    1. If you have young children in your family, it’s a great adventure for all.

  18. What a fun memory the kids will cherish forever!! Looks like a great vacation!!

    1. I am glad the boys are old enough to have memories of the special times we share.

  19. That looks and sounds like a wonderful vacation Lulu!

    1. It was great because of the family time.

  20. It is great to hear about the Disney Cruise out of Galveston! I did not realize there was one. My grand kids are all young !
    Always enjoy what you share. Hope to see you soon at Lunch Bunch!

    1. For a while there wasn’t, but 4 and 6 day cruises have been reinstated. Quite convenient for us who live in Houston.

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