Party Planning Tips

I don’t give a whole lot of parties, so when we decided to have a Christmas gathering I got a little anxious before making myself sit down to create a “to do” list.  That made things ever so much easier, and I hope you will find some of these tips helpful.

Three weeks in advance, send invitations.  Paperless Post is an easy way to do this and makes it very convenient for guests to RSVP.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA week or more ahead of time, create a centerpiece for the serving table.  For me, that sets the stage for everything else. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs soon as possible, get out your favorite cookbooks and look for new food ideas that will go well with old favorites. By the way, don’t be afraid to include some of the very good prepared party foods from Costco, Trader Joe’s or Sam’s.  That makes your work much easier.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce the selections are made, make a thorough shopping list.  Nothing is more frustrating than getting ready to make something and finding you don’t have all the ingredients.  

Make a workable schedule for food that can be prepared  several days in advance so that everything doesn’t have to be done at the last minute.  Doing as much as possible ahead of time is a great stress reliever!

Look through your cabinets for serving pieces that work for your menu items and complement the centerpiece.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALay out the serving pieces, plates and napkins to make sure they are cohesive.  FYI, this is one time I use paper!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStand back and with a critical eye judge your setup and make any changes that make the table more inviting.

With all the preliminaries done, you can take a deep breath knowing that you’ve got everything under control.  Of course, even easier than this is having the party catered, but if you bypass that option, it’s a good idea to have a helper in the kitchen during the party.  Having someone refill empty dishes and keep everything orderly in the kitchen allows you to enjoy the party without worry.

For any gathering, I like to keep things as simple as possible and have a few favorites like this blue cheese spread that take only minutes to prepare.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMix blue cheese, roquefort or gorgonzola with fig preserves or one like this roasted garlic/onion jam from Stonewall Kitchen.  I generally use more cheese than preserves, but there’s no fixed rule so make it to satisfy your own taste.

  Serve with rosemary raisin crackers from Trader Joe’s.

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9 thoughts on “Party Planning Tips

  1. You’re so right, planning ahead is key! Your bleu cheese, fig, onion jam combo is very brilliant, I will be using that asap! One thing I’ve learned is that it’s not necessary to stress because the guests always have fun no matter what! Oh, and I have that Colorado Collage cookbook! Love it!

  2. I’m sure your party turned out great. Happy new year to the two of you.

    1. Same to you and Mickey. Let’s hope for all good things in 2016.

  3. Great tips, Linda. Love your menu and the blue cheese with fig preserves sounds yummy. Wish we had a Trader Joe’s nearby.

    1. One of the things I like about being back in Houston is Costco and Trader Joe’s!

  4. Linda, great tips! Being organized definitely relieves stress! I know that you are a marvelous host with great food and conversation!

  5. Great tips! The one I usually forget is the assigning a good helper during the party to help keep an eye on what needs re-filling etc.

    1. That was a last minute thought and made a huge difference!

  6. Hi Linda! Thanks for inviting us to your party! I loved the carolers! Sorry we left early, Ricky was still in recuperating mode. Danni >

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