Just Looking!

This week I braved the maddening crowds to do some last Christmas shopping.  It so happens that the places I had to go are close to some of my favorite stores–Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Pier One, Williams Sonoma–and I couldn’t resist going in to see what fun things were there for holiday tables.

2606684_1At Pier One,  wooden chargers in an off green immediately caught my eye as they would work with most any Christmas dishes.

tablescapeI’m always attracted to things a little different, so when I saw this pottery (Fa La La) at Crate & Barrel my mind started racing thinking about what a fun Christmas table could be created with them.  Not only are they perfect for the wooden chargers, they are dishes that could be used any season.

tablescapeBack to thinking Christmas, who could resist these adorable stockings for flatware?

tablescapeHolly berry linens are perfect for the season,

tablescapebut the Santa napkins are a little more playful.

tablescapeFor a more subtle look, these would be OK, too.

tablescapeI’m crazy for touches that add a bit of whimsy, and these salad plates would do just that.  What dog lover wouldn’t get a kick out of them?

tablescapeThinking about creating a table with various pieces from Pier One and Crate & Barrel should have been enough, but there was more to see at Williams Sonoma where a lovely collection of pieces were combined for a sophisticated yet simple look.

tablescapePier One’s tartan plates would also be a nice complement for the transferware.

tablescapeLast but not least I spied side plates at Anthropologie.  It would be a stretch for them to work with the Crate & Barrel dishes, but they would be great fun with white, maybe some red bowls and the painted Santa napkins.  Oh, the spoon plate holder is pretty cute, too!

zinc-reindeerHey, they would do well with a few zinc reindeer, too.

Well, none of these things came home with me, but it sure was fun thinking about how to mix and match from here and there.  You can bet I’ll be watching the after Christmas sales  just in case some are looking for a home!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Tablescape Thursday

15 thoughts on “Just Looking!

  1. Fabulous! Your photographs are Catalog quality! Great selection of superlative items.

  2. thanks for liking my post on weightless
    Don’t you just love the unique things you can find at Pier One?

  3. You certainly did have willpower.

    1. No space for many new things and won’t even think about them until sales start.

      1. Willpower and smart. 😀

  4. Love the wooden charger and the cup set!!!

  5. I’m seeing dollar signs! I would be so temped to get those chargers, but I imagine their pretty pricey. Like you, I’ll be shopping the after-Christmas sales! Love the spoon plate holder and the deer, too. This is a lovely post of possibilities. 🙂

  6. Very much like that wooden charger…nice find

  7. Love the Santa napkins, but like you, I’d rather wait to see if they go on sale. 🙂

  8. Remarkable restraint! I was shopping the other day too and a teak ‘Raja’ bowl followed me home…

  9. I hope you can catch some deals for these things after Christmas!

  10. Lovely things! I like the dog plate. 🙂

  11. Wonderful post. Gave me lots of ideas. How many times have I said, “just looking”, mostly to my husband. Merry Christmas

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