Fun Ideas for the Season

This time of year it sure is fun to drive around and see how folks are decorating for Christmas.  When traffic allows I jump out of the car and snap a photo with whatever camera happens to be with me thinking surely there’s inspiration here.  I never get very far with  Christmas decor, but I do appreciate those whose effort exceeds mine.

IMG_5433 (1)However people decorate, it generally fits the look of the house.  It may be a simple wreath

IMG_2585or one that shows a touch of whimsy.

IMG_2377 - Version 3Reindeer wander onto porches

IMG_2346and there are outdoor trees lit with sparkling lights.

IMG_2350Some folks go all out with sophisticated creation

IMG_1401 - Version 2while others choose a look that makes me almost smell gingerbread and taste hot chocolate.

IMG_1406Some scenes make me laugh out loud, and I can’t help but wonder whose humor is represented or maybe if these gators have something to do with the University of Florida.

IMG_2762More and more folks choose these blow up figures and I am always glad to see them still standing rather than laying deflated on the ground.

Whatever the look, however simple or ornate, outdoor decor is something for us all to share and it makes the season so much fun.

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16 thoughts on “Fun Ideas for the Season

  1. Every photo was wonderful, but my favorite was the wreath with the skates. 🙂

  2. I love those vintage ice skates.. and those gators crack me up! Thanks for sharing at You’re Gonna Love It. I’m sharing this project on Pinterest!

  3. Not a fan of the blow ups, especially the flat ones! Those FL gators are hilarious!

  4. That is a fun holiday tradition I should start. We look at lights but I love all the different porch decor you found. So fun to share it too. Of course that fabulous nutcracker is my favorite.

    1. The nutcracker was in quite a setting!

  5. I like to keep things simple and not over the top. But I so appreciate driving by houses that are decked out completely!

    1. I’m with you, Tina. For me, less really is more.

  6. Love the doorstep in the first picture which looks like it’s made from melted milk chocolate:)

    1. Great image. I had to look at the picture again to see it.

  7. Love the Gators!!! Can’t decide what they are made of…Styrofoam, maybe?.

  8. Linda, I love seeing how people decorate their doors and outdoor spaces! I agree that most of the blow ups end up flat on the ground! They make me laugh!

  9. Love the skates in the wreath. I’m going to file that in my head of things to try to remember!

    1. Yep, that one caught my eye. Would look great at your house.

  10. Love it and Go Gators (too bad their season ended so badly)….and take a peek at my post today!…Have a great day…

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