WalMart…A Different Look

I bring the boys here in the dead of winter when the weather is awful and they’re bored, and I come here when I want to be alone.  My mother and I come here when we want to talk privately, and Bertie and I come here when we feel like seeing people. I come here when the air conditioner goes out in the summer and I buy popcorn and just walk around. Most of the times I can remember that Howard and I were actually getting along he’d ask me if I wanted to go to Wal Mart with him, and we’d look at stuff we wanted to buy and talk about it—wouldn’t it be nice to have a Cuisinart, wouldn’t it be nice to have a sixty four piece sprocket set.  It’s a very romantic place, really.

Funny how words can be so transporting as well as entertaining. They have the power to take you to a different place or make you wonder at what you have overlooked in real life. This paragraph from a book whose title I can’t remember did just that for me.

 imagesNow I have to confess I’m not much of a Walmart shopper, but when I’m in Maine there are limited shopping opportunities.When I’m looking for something specific like material for holiday napkins or embroidery thread or paper towels and toilet paper or….well, you get the picture….I go to Walmart.

Anyway, when I read these words so many images came to mind and I began wondering about people who I’d seen on my few trips to Walmart.  Were they bored or looking for an opportunity to be alone?  Were they escaping an uncomfortable environment or sharing a special moment with a loved one?  Were they wishing for things they didn’t have?  I guess I will never know, but in finding the scrap of paper where I had copied this paragraph, I had to laugh at one of my own memories.

One lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon I asked the hubby if he wanted to go on an adventure.  Where to? he asked.  Walmart I answered.  He looked at me like I’d lost my marbles and then, I suppose to humor me, he said OK.  It was a brand new store, huge, and as it turned out we did have quite an adventure just trying to find our way around and laughing at why we were there.  

Was it a romantic outing?  Maybe. Had we just become Walmart shoppers?  No, because we’ve not been back but the afternoon  gave us a shared memory that we can chuckle about.

Life, isn’t is just full of the funniest things?

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13 thoughts on “WalMart…A Different Look

  1. ha! The saying around here is that if you’re unhappy with the way you look, go to Walmart, you will see someone who looks worse! I love Walmart, they do indeed have everything, and it’s always an adventure!

  2. When we come down to sunny Arizona in the winter, we go to the local Target (Tarjay, we call it, with a French sort of accent.) It is fun just to look at all the things we won’t buy, but wondered what they really look like!

    Now and then we go to a Wal-mart, but they are often kind of worn out feeling places with scary looking people. Too much of a culture shock…

  3. So glad you shared that paragraph. I go to Walmart on a very rare occasion and or when we are in remote areas of our state. I have found some nice things there…

  4. Linda, I do everything possible to avoid Wal-Mart! I hate humongous stores that employees can’t tell you where anything is located! But, I did enjoy reading about your adventure! Our Wal-Mart is a culture shock for me…people in their pajamas!!!! Thanks for the fun post!

  5. I shop at Walmart probably a few times a year and it’s always an adventure and then some lol! I’m an online girl preferring to order everything to my doorstep rather than going into a town unless it’s to a grocery store 🙂

  6. Walmart – now there’s a topic for sure. We have a Walmart and a Target in our area. I normally go to Walmart because whatever you are looking for is there and it usually costs less. I’ve tried finding everything on my list by going to a couple of stores, and it takes too much time out of my day. So, I walk in with my list in hand, pick it up, and get myself out all without looking too long at those folks who still have their pi’s and slippers on. LOL Here in ‘political land’ where the politicians visit homes and small business, I often think they should visit the local Walmart and talk to average folks about their life and their challenges. Walmart = in and out quickly. 🙂

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